Cinderella at the Octagon Theatre

I love a bit of panto, there is something about it that brings back such fond memories of my childhood. When my mum asked if we’d like to join them for Cindrella at the Octagon theatre this year I happily accepted the invite. M was quite young the last time we took him to panto so he has a bit unsure of what to expect apart from recalling he would be allowed something that flashed and lit up, that he could wave around.

Family at panto

We had a bit of a drama on route to the theatre that could have been made into a perfect straight to video Christmas movie. This included almost running out of petrol on a countryside road and pulling into an empty independent petrol station that wouldn’t have looked out of place in a horror film. We made it to the theatre with just minutes to spare before curtain up. This gave us just enough time to purchase a flashing light up sword and some sweets before taking our seats.

panto audience smiles

family smiles at panto

The panto was full of laughs for M and jokes that flew over his head. The actors were all local which was lovely and our seats were practically on the stage, so we almost felt part of the performance at one point.

Something I loved at the end of the performance was they encouraged everyone to photograph, film and share their finale. I understand this is to help promote the theatre company and their show, but it’s a great opportunity to capture memories you wouldn’t usually be able to capture.

finale cinderella Octagon Theatre

So next year when you consider a panto, why not support your local theatre, you may be surprised by how good a show it is.

Dancing cinderella

Octagon Theatre Cinderella

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