Clippasafe – BabySafe Bump Belt – REVIEW

One of the main problems I have encountered since my bump has grown is that travelling in the car has been really uncomfortable. The reason for this was my seat belt. The seat belt sits right across my bump and I started to worry about the safety of my unborn baby in the event of bumps in the car.

When we visited the Baby show back in February we visited the Clippasafe stand and noticed they had an offer on a product called BabySafe Bump Belt . At the time we had set a strict budget on the day and that had been filled by the purchase of a pushchair so we decided to pass up the fantastic offer and made a note of the product.

Several weeks passed and my level of comfort was reducing. We mentioned on twitter that we were looking for a bump belt or expander and someone recommended Clippsafe BabySafe Bump Belt . We recalled how we liked the product at the Baby Show so we decided it could be the product for us.

The Clippasafe Bump Belt retails at £24.99 via their website. K managed to bid for one on EBay at £13.00 which was a bit of a bargain.

The Bump Belt comes in a handy plastic box, which will be great to store it once Button is here.

Inside the box is the Bump belt and some very easy to read instructions.

On removing the Bump belt, I could tell straight away that it was of high quality. The material for the seat covering is very soft and slightly padded and the straps are sturdy and look like they will put up with quite a bit of wear and tear.

The Bump belt is perfect for me due to its ease of use. My bump is still small enough for me to fit behind the wheel and as the Bump Belt can be installed for use in less than a minute I can use it on the drivers seat or passenger seat.

You start by laying the padded area on the seat, then you slip the longest strap over the top of the seat to rest at its base.

Even though my bump is making me feel more and more uncomfortable each day, I didn’t find setting this up hard at all. Although I do think the bigger my bump gets the harder it will be for me to bend down and make sure it sits in the right place. I think by this time I will probably only be sitting in the passenger seat, which means I can leave it in place.

The next steps couldn’t be easier. You sit down, put the seat belt on as you normally would then place each tab at the front of the bump belt, over the bottom section of the belt. This lowers the belt away from your bump but still allows the belt to run across your chest safely.

My first thought on using the Bump Belt was that I wouldn’t feel as safe due to the belt being lower than it was designed. But I felt very safe and secure and best of all I felt 100% comfortable.

My overall thought on the product is it’s a very high quality item that most pregnant women could benefit from. The fact that it is so easy to install and remove and fit into a small bag is a huge bonus as it means I can use it in friends and family’s cars as well. The Bump Belt can be used from 2 months pregnant right up until you give birth. I will definitely be recommending it to friends and family we know who are currently pregnant.

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