Closer than Close

What a January we’ve had, we wanted this year to be a good one and it’s been great and testing at times already, but we’ve tried to see the unexpected happiness within it. We’ve carried the Team Honk baton round Dorset, saw our Ikea Feature go live, watched our little main gain some confidence and then go through something nothing prepares you for.

Through everything that’s happened this month I feel that we’ve grown closer. Our little man’s speech is improving every day and we all love to sit together and practice words and see which is the word of the week. This week it seems to be sock and car, which sound incredibly cute.

It also seems to be the month of selfies, C sends me Mummy and Monkey selfies whilst I’m at work and I send her Mama and Monkey selfies once I get home. But we’ve not captured many pictures of the three of us. So this months Me and Mine is a mini cheat, you may recognise it’s similarity to our Me and You picture. M wanted in on our couple picture and who are we to refuse. The little man that makes us laugh, keeps us up at night and smiles whilst saying “cheese” at the camera, fits nicely between us, like a puzzle piece carved perfectly.


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  1. Cariemay Reply

    He definitely looks like he’s found his favourite place, all snuggled in between his Mama and his Mummy, it’s a gorgeous shot!

  2. Lucy Reply

    Haha. It’s not cheating at all. I fully intend to double up on photo settings on more than one occasion this year. And I love it! Selfies are always so cute because you have to get so close together and snuggle in to be in the shot, which always makes for super adorable family photos I think. x

  3. mummydaddyme Reply

    I think this might be my favourite one of you all so far! Just because it’s a selfie doesn’t mean it’s cheating, in fact you are perfectly together, happy and smiley! Which is exactly what it’s all about! x

  4. Lauren Reply

    This is really lovely. So natural, selfies are fine too 🙂 Describing Monkey the way you have is perfect too x

  5. Ben Reply

    Love that he wanted to get involved and beautiful words. Hope February turns out to be a little less dramatic

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