Coming Out

Ok, here it goes, I think I have Postnatal Depression.

Coming Out -

After a really hard few months I finally admitted it to myself and to K. We’re going to the doctors before the end of the week so I can get it under control.

I’ve been ignoring my symptoms, which I will go in to at a later date but for the sake of my family, who I adore I have to do something about it. I suffer with mild SAD (Seasonal Association Disorder) and have been hiding my PND behind that.

Wish me luck & i’ll see you on the other side!


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  1. Little Rascal Reviews Reply

    Fingers crossed they can help you asap. Looking back I think I may have suffered with PND after the birth of my son 2 years ago. I didn’t realise it at the time and assumed that feeling completely harassed, exhausted and isolated was just a normal part of having a baby for the first time. However, after seeing friends who didn’t go through this I have recognised it after the fact. I’m due with baby No 2 in 4 weeks and will definitely be keeping a closer eye on things this time. Good luck to you all x

  2. Coombemill - Fiona Reply

    Bless you I had no idea, I’m so pleased you are facing up to things and seeking help. Wishing you all the best and looking forward to hearing from you again to say things are looking up.

  3. liska Reply

    I know 1st hand what you are going through.
    I sooo thought that blog title meant something else

  4. Cheryl Reply

    You are very brave for admitting this on your blog. I suffer with PND as well and the best thing you can do is go and speak to someone, because it’s curable! It’s a horrible thing to go through but you WILL come out the other side. Take care of yourself x

  5. Charlotte - Write Like No One's Watching Reply

    I just wanted to say that I think you are so brave and you are such a wonderful mother, as is K. Please don’t feel ashamed of the way you feel, because you aren’t alone. I hope you know that everyone in this community supports you 100%. Just focus on making yourself happy. And the rest will come with it. xxx

  6. Jenny @ The Brick Castle Reply

    The biggest step is the first one. I hope you get exactly what you need and are able to start looking forward soon.

    Like Little Rascal Reviews there I now know I had at after my first one (but never again with any other). I wish I’d realised and been able to get some help back then xx

  7. Momma of Mojo Reply

    You absolute and utterly amazing woman. Just the simple fact you can say it, type it and do something about it – together, is brilliant.

    Nothing but love and respect for you guys. Stay strong! x

  8. Queen Lear Reply

    Well done you for facing the problem head on. You are being so brave, which makes me certain you will beat this. Lots of luck at the doctor’s. You’ve already taken the hardest step. I wish you all the best for the rest of your journey. x

  9. (C) Reply

    Thank you all for your lovely comments, it’s going to be a long hard journey but we’re going to stick by each other & get through this. I know everything will be ok.

  10. 2aussiemammas Reply

    Thank you for being so brave and posting about this. I think it’s so important for women to speak out and seek help. It’s so important to take PND off the list of taboo subjects and out into the open.

    Good luck! I’m sure you’ll kick it’s arse 😉

  11. Katie @mummydaddyme Reply

    The first step is admitting it and then you can move forward together. It is a very brave thing to do to say it out loud, let alone in such a public place. We are all here to help if we can. You sound like you both have a wonderful relationship so I have no doubt you will support each other. Lots of love and hugs to you both, and M of course. x

  12. Notmyyearoff Reply

    It’s a massively brave thing to do, well done on doing it. A lot of people carry on and hope it’ll just go away by magic or may just fade away. I was like that when I realised I had anxiety and post birth issues. Sending lots of hugs x

  13. Workingberlinmum Reply

    Hi, I had PND with my first child. Good on you for admitting it and realising it, that is a huge step in of itself! I don’t know if you know of the blog ‘More than Toast’ but Alice, the blogger is currently suffering with PND and has written some very frank posts about it that you may relate to. All the best with the Dr’s.

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