Coping with a cold

This week Monkey came down with his first ever snotty and snuffly nosed cold. One thing I’ve learnt from my son is, he handles colds a lot better than I do. I mean, look at this picture, does this look like a poorly baby?

Coping with a cold -

But even though he looks the picture of good health, he really has been suffering. Our lovely friends in Devon introduced us to the product Snuffle Babe which is pretty much Vicks for babies, but doesn’t smell as strong. We’ve been rubbing it on his chest and back each night and it seems to help. We’ve also been administering Calpol when needed via the fab Spilly spoon.

We’ve had a couple of restless nights where nothing seemed to console him, apart from singing the alphabet and watching Iggle Piggle sing on YouTube. But during the day he still seems his smiley self with additional sniffs and coughs.

We took to Facebook to ask for some tips on how best to help baby cope with a cold and got some great suggestions, we’ve already tried a few. Please go show some blog love to the lovely people who shared some advice.

The lovely Otilia from “Romanian Mummy in London” Suggested Patience and Cuddles. Which we’ve found to be the best thing when Monkey is feeling really rotten.

Helen from the fab blog “Just a normal mummy” suggested trying a Calpol plugin.

April suggested a few fab things, the one we liked most was raising the cot slightly at one end. We’ve done this by placing two cushions under his mattress and it works fantastically at keeping him asleep.

Kayleigh suggested putting some Snuffle Babe on to a bib and hanging it from the cot. We’ve tried this and it does seem to make a difference.

Michelle suggested rubbing Snuffle Babe onto your baby’s feet and putting socks on.

Finally, Aida suggested several fab things including Nasal drops, which we’ve tried previously during M’s respiratory infection and they were great.

Our best advice is to make sure you keep your baby’s fluids up and use a nasal aspirator to remove excess snot. It’s not the most pleasant job, especially if you have a sucking one, but it really does help your little one to breath more easily.

What are your best tips for helping your baby when they have a cold?

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  1. mummysallygg Reply

    Agree: vapour rub on feet, elevated head, lots of cuddles and a good nasal aspirator. Maybe I’m odd, but I think it’s quite fun (in a slightly gross way!) when you get a load of snot out!
    Um. I’ll get my coat…

  2. Notmyyearoff Reply

    Snuffle babes is fantastic! You can buy saline drops from the chemist which helps unblock stuffy noses and we love karvol in our house. It does smell strong but does help z breathe better….and lots of cuddles ofcourse 🙂

  3. Aida Reply

    aw he seems like a little trooper, Harry was also like that which in a way broke my heart even more, it was horrible to think of how good he was even though there was some horrible stuff going on. During his ord deal I actually looked for something like Snuffe Baby but couldn’t really find, I’m glad you shared all the ideas as I sure want to be more prepared the next time! Hope your little Monkey gets better soon!!

  4. Katie @mummydaddyme Reply

    Monkey is a bit older than Mads was when she got her first cold but we used to take her into the bathroom if she woke in the night and shut the door and turn the shower on to really hot, and just sit there on the toilet and let her breathe in the vapour- it really helps clear their noses! x

  5. Actually Mummy... Reply

    We always put Vicks on every night, and if you put it on the soles of their feet it helps to keep their head clear (I know, weird, but it works). Then it’s just calpol and time… good luck!

  6. Actually Mummy... Reply

    We always put Vicks on every night, and if you put it on the soles of their feet it helps to keep their head clear (I know, weird, but it works). Then it’s just calpol and time… good luck!

  7. Cheryl Reply

    Thanks for these tips. I am currently trying to get through the night with a very snuffly baby who keeps waking up and I am going to try every last one of these tips! x

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