Cosatto Supa Pushchair (Foxtrot) – Review

I don’t like to admit this but Monkey is now getting to an age where he would much rather look at the world around him, than look at me and K all the time. How can we blame him? We live in such a beautiful part of the world. We were a little concerned about the affect it would have on his development, but we also babywear to ensure M is close to us. I’m going to miss looking at him on our walks and that really is one of the few negative things I can say about the Cosatto Supa Pushchair but it is the design of most strollers at the end of the day so I can’t really blame Cosatto. In fact, I love this pushchair! As soon as we pulled the bright colourful Supa out of the box, I started to fall in love with it.

I’ll get the other negative parts of my review out of the way now so I can spend the rest of the time on all the good bits. We have found that the basket is not easily accessible if the back rest is in the flat position. We’ve had to gently lift him up at times. On the plus side we haven’t woken him up yet and we can get a lot into it. We’ve also found that the rain cover doesn’t fit over the back of the pushchair, so when it rains and is particularly windy, there is nothing to stop the cold getting in, especially when M is in the lay flat position.

I’ve lost count of how many people have made comments about how funky the stroller looks. Mr Fox (Foxtrot) is certainly a big hit! At the weekend we popped into a certain Baby Shop and they even commented on how it was the most amazing pushchair they had ever seen (they do not sell the Cosatto Supa Pushchairs lol). We love the design and so does Monkey. On cold days we often pull the large hood over him so he can look up at the black and white fox pattern on the inside.

Cosatto Supa Pushchair (Foxtrot) - Review -

The hood is brilliant, and it really ticks all the boxes for K’s gadget side! Practicalities first though. The large hood extends so it almost touches M’s legs, which is great for blocking the rays on really sunny days. It then zips back into place with ease when the sun disappears.

You might think that M would feel very secluded under the hood when it fully extends but with Cosatto’s amazing built in MP3 speaker and tablet compartment which are built into the hood, there is always something to keep him entertained.

With this cold weather we’ve been having I was relieved that the Supa came with a Footmuff. So many baby companies make you pay for these extras so it was a lovely surprise. It’s extremely soft and has a hand warming section at the front for the winter. It’s the little touches that make you smile the most and this pushchair has loads of them, the all important cup holder being another. Just don’t put a full cup of hot chocolate in it like we did, take a few sips first.

Cosatto Supa Pushchair (Foxtrot) - Review -

The Supa has a 5 point safety harness. We have found that M cries when we strap him into most travel systems but we’ve yet to experience this with the Supa. It’s so easy to put together but feels extremely safe at the same time. On a safety note, the break is very easy to apply and seems very stable.

It has a one handed fold, which is very easy. You simply pull the handle at the back of the backrest, you can feel the pushchair relax a little. You then push the fold lever on the right hand side with your foot and push down until it all locks into place. The term for the fold is ‘Umbrella Fold’. You can stand the pushchair upright on the built in stand. I love this. My pet hate is laying things down on the ground as they get dirty. We’re certainly not going to ruin our stylish Supa Foxtrot with mud and dirt.

Cosatto Supa Pushchair (Foxtrot) - Review -

Sadly the Supa doesn’t fit in the boot of our KA but sits nicely in the footwell of the backseat. We put the seatbelt round it for extra safety. We don’t see this as a negative as all cars come in different shapes and sizes and we happen to have a small boxy car. Our only issue would be if we had another child whilst we still owned our KA. We really wouldn’t have anywhere to put it, but it would be a great excuse to buy a new car.

The Cosatto Supa Pushchairs retail at £180 and come in 5 different colours. We would highly recommend this stroller to anyone who is currently looking or wanting to transition to the next stage. We love ours and we look forward to receiving more amazing comments about it. It’s such an amazing, modern stroller!

*We were sent the Cosatto Supa Pushchair for the purpose of this review, all views and opinions are our own.



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  1. Keighley Reply

    Thank you so much for this review! I’m really keen on getting the Supa but as we are a bit tight for money at the moment I did consider getting something cheaper. However this review has made me decide I will most definitely be spending the money to get the Supa now!

  2. Viki Reply

    Im interested in getting one of these, I would just like to ask how heavy is this as I love the design but am after a lightweight stroller?

  3. Hannah Reply

    I’ve been thoroughly looking at the Cosatto strollers and this was my favourite design. So after seeing your review I’ve bought one! – they’re so funky x

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  6. Shayda Reply

    Great reviews. I’m completely torn between the Supa and the Yo!
    I believe the Yo has suspension but the Supa has 8 wheels. Which would you say is better on different terrains (grass, gravel, but mostly uneven pavements) and lifting up kerbs etc?

  7. Sophie Reply

    I’m thinking about buyingetting one of these but is it any good for a big baby and does it stop the baby from pulling them selves up out the seat as even though my little girl is strapped in she try to pull her self up using the sides of the pram

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