Cosatto Troop 1-2-3 Car seat Review

Last year, we were asked to review the Cosatto Zoomi – Group 1-2-3 car seat. We really liked the design and Monkey seemed very comfortable sitting in it, however we had issues with how his head fell forwards when asleep.We were then asked to review the Cosatto Troop Ladybug car seat and my days of pulling over the car to readjust his support cushion were no more.

Unlike traditional car seats, which use a 5 point safety harness to secure the baby, the Troop has a protective impact shield. The impact shield slides into place around Monkey’s torso and is secured by the car’s seat belt. In the event of a collision the shield reduces the risk of injuries, like whiplash.

The protective impact shield is very sturdy and well padded. The covers are washable and having washed ours quite a few times already, it comes up very well and is easy to take off and put back on. I found the shield quite bulky, M’s arms always have to rest on the top and there is no space for him to bring them to his side. This may be for safety reasons. In my honest opinion, I would prefer my son to be secure within his seat and to be safer in the car. It’s very easy to install the seat into the car. There is no hassle with trying to thread the car seat round the back. You simply sit the car chair onto the seat and put baby in. You then secure the seat-belt across the protective impact shield. It’s very sturdy and I have complete confidence in its safety. It is also compatible with Isofix if you have this in your car.

The seat itself is very padded and I love the bright colours, as always. It is quite large and heavy, which made it slightly difficult when transferring between family members cars.  The size of the seat is a plus , I know he will be able to grow with it and have plenty of space once the shield is no longer needed. Monkey does not seem to have an issue sitting in this seat and he sleeps very well in it.

Cosatto have made some handy videos on how to fit your car seat, so you can get an idea of how easy it is to fit before purchase.

In all I think the Cosatto Troop is a great car seat. It retails at £220 which can seem quite expensive, however the Troop is a 1-2-3 car seat which will last your child until they are 11. So you’re making a long term investment in your child’s safety, which is priceless.

*We were sent this car seat for the purpose of this review. All views an opinions are our own.

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