Cosatto Yo Pow! Pushchair – Review

Our family is all about colour. You’ll often see us both wearing brightly coloured skinny jeans in the winter, which is why Cosatto products are perfect for us, especially the Cosatto Yo Pow! Pushchair.

Cosatto Yow Pow

We’d seen the pushchair in pictures and loved it. Kirsty loves anything to do with Super Heroes so when Cosatto offered us the opportunity to review the Yo Pow! she was so excited!

When we got it out of the box there were a lot of oooo’s and ahhhh’s coming from all members of the family. It was an explosion of colours! I particularly love the POW! written on the hood, it’s so dramatic.
Cosatto Yow Pow

I can honestly say that every time we’ve been out with the Yo Pow! we’ve been stopped by complete strangers either to tell us how much they love it or where we got it from. It’s great to be turning a few heads. Our little monkey is the coolest boy in town.

We love the curve to the frame, it just completes the look of the pushchair. It’s not square or box like. We also have a Cosatto Supa Pushchair (You can read our review here) and I think I prefer the design of the Yo more.

Cosatto Yow Pow

The fold is very simple, we made a short video which shows you how quick it is to fold up. I believe I can do it in 12 seconds. It’s very compact when folded. Unlike our Supa we can get the Yo in our boot if we remove the front wheels. There are little buttons underneath and they slip on and off without any issues. We have a very small Ford KA and the boot is tiny, it’s such a bonus that the Yo fits. The Supa has to sit on the back seat with a seatbelt around it for safety.

We’ve not found many faults about the Yo! Pow! So we will get the ones we’ve found, out of the way quickly.

• The break is quite difficult to release, if it had a bar it would be a lot easier. That said the break is very powerful and I have total confidence in it.

• Compared to the Supa Pushchair the hood on the Yo is quite small. Especially in this hot weather a large hood is essential for keeping the sun off.

• I wished the footrest came up for naps times. The recline function is fantastic and I love how simple it is to just pull the strap to sit M up and release the clasp to lay him down. It would be great if his legs could come up so he’s laying flat.

Cosatto Yow Pow

Now back to the good stuff. I LOVE having a separate bag for the rain cover. The bag also attaches to the chassis so it doesn’t take up precious space in the basket. Genius!

The basket is quite spacious and extends right under the chassis. We’ve found getting items in and out of the Yo and lot easier than the Supa. This pushchair also comes with a matching changing bag. This is a great touch, if like us, you like to co-ordinate your accessories. It’s very roomy and holds everything we need to a day out.

Cosatto Yow Pow

We really love this pushchair. Kirsty loves that she can put Monkey into different Super Hero T-shirts and push him around town.

Cosatto Yow Pow

The Cosatto Yo Pow retails at £275. If it was a standard pushchair we would find this a bit pricey however, as it is a special edition we’d expect to pay the extra.

*We received this pushchair for the purpose of this review as we are Cosatto Brand Buddies. All views and opinions are our own.

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  1. @susaneardley Reply

    So glad I’ve seen your review. We have a yo in the pirate addition waiting to be used (well opened actually). Do you think it’d make a good taking on holiday abroad pushchair? We’re trying to decide between our yo & a silver cross one my mam has.

    • (C) Reply

      It’s such a lovely pushchair. I would say, try it out for a little while, then take the stroller you like least with you as they can get damaged going through baggage. Or take the one with the biggest hood for sun protection 🙂

  2. Kara Reply

    I do love seeing pics of monkey in this picture. I think it really suits his personality.
    I love the matching changing bag. Like you I like to accessorize.
    I think once you have used a supa you are spoilt with how a good should be. Best thing about the supa for sure. X

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