Cosatto Zoomi 123 Car Seat – Review

The day we took Monkey home from the hospital is still so fresh in my memory. He was so tiny and it seemed like his Carseat would just swallow him up. Now at almost 11 months old I look at him in his new Cosatto Zoomi 123 Carseat and its such a different feeling. He always looks so grown up.

All the advice told us to try and wait until M was a year old before moving him up to the next stage Carseat but he is just so tall, his head was almost poking out of the top of his 0 stage seat.

When we first put him into the Cosatto Zoomi, M was 9 months old, which is the recommended age and it will last him right up until he is 11 years old. The headrest is height adjustable and very easy to use, not that M’s head is anywhere near it yet but he has a lovely head support which looks very comfy. I often see him sucking his thumb and resting his head on it. The back support also comes away so it becomes a booster seat.

I adore the design of the Zoomi. We chose the Little Monster seat and it looks so bright and stylish in the back of the car. If we’re not in a rush I sometimes let Monkey look at the monster on the head rest, he loves it!

Getting the Zoomi into the car was quite straight forward, considering we had never fitted anything like it before. It’s such a luxury to only have to fit it once. I’d say, following the instructions, it took us about 20 minutes to get the Carseat out of the box, put it all together and transfer it into the car. Not long really. We have transferred it from different cars a couple of times and it hasn’t been an issue. We thought we might have an issue with our seat belts being too small as we have a little KA but it’s quite snug.

Although M has no problem falling asleep in the Zoomi, it doesn’t recline. At first I, being a first time mother, started to panic that he wouldn’t be able to breathe properly as his head went right forward when he fell asleep and worried that he was uncomfortable. Then I thought that if he was uncomfortable he wouldn’t fall asleep. I then sought out a small neck pillow to keep his head upright, which seems to have solved the problem.

I also have a little issue with the harness getting all twisted, but that is quite trivial really. It doesn’t effect the quality or safety of the harness at all. As its a 5 point harness, it’s very safe and easy to use.

I really like this Carseat. Monkey seems very happy and loves being able to look out at the world whizzing by outside. The Zoomi 123 Carseat retails at £100 which I think is an absolute bargain considering its going to last you until your child they are 11 years old. I would certainly recommend this Carseat to anyone who is searching for the next stage.

*We received the Cosatto Zoomi car seat free for the purpose of this review. All views and opinions are our own.


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