Date Night

Tonight is a very exciting and much needed occasion, it’s Date Night.

The last time Kirsty and I went on a Date Night was when Monkey was about 4 months old. We had a lovely couple of hours eating some dinner and talking (about M lol) and then rushed back because we hadn’t left him before and we were very anxious.

Tonight however is a different story. We’re going out for a cheeky Nandos, then going to watch a film at the cinema. Yes, you heard us correctly, we’re actually going to the cinema! We’re so excited, we haven’t seem a film at the flicks since before M was born. Kirsty got to choose the film this time. We are off to see World War Z. She is a big zombie film fan, plus it does look good.

We’ve been out for meals together and we’ve never had an issue taking M out with us to places, he’s such a well behaved boy, we really can’t complain. However, it’s going to be lovely to be adults for a night. We spent a lovely few days the other weekend at Britmums Live (you can read about our weekend here) together, but it was such a busy time, we hardly spoke to each other lol.

Date Night -

We think its so important to find the time to reconnect as a couple and we’re hopefully going to make this a regular thing.

Bring on the popcorn!

Just a quick question before I end this – Popcorn – Salty or Sweet? Leave us a comment below.


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  1. Lauren Reply

    Have a lovely night ladies! I’m jealous, I love Nandos.
    Sweet and salty. I’m so indecisive! xx

  2. Katie @mummydaddyme Reply

    Have a lovely time ladies, I am so desperate for a date night with mr e, we literally haven’t had one for months and months, and have only had about 3 in the whole time mads has been here.
    Definitely salty x

  3. Hannah Ruth Reply

    Salty and sweet mixed together! I love date nights. Cinema trips are very rare and therefore extra-special once you have a little one! Enjoy 🙂

  4. Carie Reply

    We went to the cinema a few days before Elma arrived and it’s amazing how decadent you can feel for such a simple trip out – I hope you enjoyed the film! Oh and sweet and salty mixed is the way to go

  5. Mytwicebakedpotato Reply

    Good for you for taking this time! Our son is 8 and we still struggle w/ date nights.

    BTW…I’m a sweet and salty girl so something like Kettle corn or a choc covered pretzels usually works 🙂

  6. Emma (My Little 3 and Me) Reply

    Hope you had a great night. I’ve been so, so rubbish at making adult time so hats off to you two for doing it:I think you’re right it is important. Let’s hope that was the first of many….and sweet !

  7. Bells Reply

    I like both!! Salty makes me spend more money on drinks though, which in turn makes me need to wee in the middle of the film lol! Have fun xx

  8. Sara-Jayne Reply

    Date night!!! I thought it was an urban legend! 😉 Me, salty, husband sweet. I think he does it so I can’t steal his popcorn.

  9. liska Reply

    I actually like the one that is salty and sweet – Pret a Manger stocks it and it is delish! x

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