December 2016 – Home Life Project

At the start of the year a fab lady we know created Home Life Project. A lovely photography project designed to get you to capture life in your home for one specific day in the month.  I loved the idea and joined in in January and February, before we were suddenly told we wouldn’t have a house at the end of April. For those months I was quite sad about capturing somewhere that wasn’t really our home to capture, so I put the project to one side.

But all that changed at the end of November when we faced our biggest change. Yes we bought a house! I will never get tired of sharing that. Something I always dreamed of doing and something I achieved before my 35th birthday in 4 months. So this weekend I happily captured our home, the home I hope to capture many many many memories in.

xmas home life project

ps4 home life project

heart home life project

Christmas home life project

dining home life project

snowflake home life project

Clock home life project

shark home life project

home life project

car home life project

I am really looking forward to joining in next year and capturing our first year in our new home. I love our house so much and can’t wait to have a full 12 months of memories.

Home Life Photography Project

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  1. James & Sonia Reply

    Beautiful photos! Wishing you a lifetime full of happiness in your new home! Congratulations x

  2. Clare Mansell Reply

    I tried to comment this morning on the iPad but Disqus threw me off Lovely to have you back and for such great reasons! I’m a great believer that the right surroundings can have a positive effect on your creativity so I’m looking forward to seeing what you shoot over the next few months…oh and I love the picture of the chair in the sunlight, not an easy one to expose correctly!

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