December 2017 – Home Life Project

I did it, I finally managed to capture my Home Life Project photos on the actual day I planned to. I was desperate to capture the memories of putting our Christmas decorations up for the 2nd Christmas at our home. We decided to build up our Christmas decoration collection over the years and have managed to add some really lovely items to our home this year.

One ofย  my most favourite things we have added this year are outdoor lights. We have never owned outdoor Christmas lights, so it was quite a special moment putting them up in the dark with just a head torch and a tiny stool.ย  I didn’t capture them for the blog, but trust me they look ace.

Our little man was somewhat under the weather this weekend, so he was super happy when we got the decorations out and said he could decorate the tree. M has had quite a huge growth spurt recently and can almost reach the top of our tree, which made me a little emotional to be honest as he seems to be shedding every bit of his infancy. I was a little worried about our tree this year due to having a puppy in the house, so I bought a lovely little wooden tree skirt/fence to stop Beau jumping up. But after a few little tastes of the tree he seemed to lose interest and hasn’t been near it since.

Putting up decs home life

Bus home life project

Deer home life project

Christmas Tree Home Life Project

December Christmas tree Home Life

Home life december

I have decided I am going to try and capture each month next year, but to less of a schedule. I love the idea of Home Life Project and how it gives me moments inside the home I wouldn’t usually have. Do head over to Maybush Studio to check our her captures.

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  1. Clare Reply

    Gosh M is changing before our eyes! I keep having moments where I see the definition in Theo’s face and realise he is starting to get chiselled features and lose the puppy fat, where has the time gone?! Lovely to have an excuse to pop over and see what you guys are up to, like so many things the weeks fly by and I miss out…

  2. More Than Words Reply

    OMG! Beau is the absolute cutest! You need to frame this picture of him looking like Santa pup and add it to your tree for next year. LOVE all the ornaments! ๐Ÿ™‚

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