Deliciously Ella Nutty Energy Bites

Ever since being bought Ella’s book, Deliciously Ella, I’ve been a little obsessed with trying out different recipes. I’ve been on a major health kick and this is exactly the right book I needed in my life. It took me a while to build up my cupboard with staple ingredients as some are a little expensive and I also bought a food processor. But now that I’ve been creating things from this book for a few months I have items ready to go every week.

deliciously ella

My favourite creation, which I have tweaked ever so slightly is the very popular energy bites. The first thing I tried to create from the Deliciously Ella book was the sweet potato brownies, which were a total fail due to me not having a food processor at the time. Then I tried the raw brownies and loved them and then attempted the energy bites and fell in love.

deliciously ella bitesss

They are so simple to make, taste so yummy and are easy to pop in a little pot to take to work as snacks. I can mix up a batch in minutes, place in the freezer for an hour and I am good to go. I have been known to eat a spoonful whilst rolling them into balls. I just can’t help myself and bonus is, it’s all good ingredients.

delicioulsy ella bites


The recipe calls for almonds to blitz, but I didn’t have any, so I used pecans and that’s what I have used ever since. I really do love this little energy bites and they get me through my morning at work. They do taste very sweet though, so it can be hard to convince people they are good for you, but they honestly are!

If you’re considering changing what goes on your plate, I can highly recommend Deliciously Ella, she’s mixed up the way I eat and it’s great. I can’t wait to try something new.

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  1. JuggleMumBlog Reply

    Ooh nice looking bites! I am currently reviewing this book too and didn’t actually spot your Nutty Bites recipe in the book – thanks for highlighting! I will have to take a closer look and give them a whirl – I like things that are easy and tasty! Your photos are great!

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