Dinosaur boots for a dinosaur fan – #Review

Our little dude is a huge dinosaur fan. He has many dinosaur figures, dinosaur books, dinosaur t-shirts and even takes his dinosaurs into the bath. So you can imagine his excitement when some extra special dinosuar rex boots (£39.50) arrived from Livie and Luca.

t rex boots

These gorgeous little boots are perfect for keeping little toes warm in the cold weather and are even better for a dinosaur fan. They have an incredibly soft leather exterior and are breathable, which is a bonus when it comes to finding good shoes for your precious little ones. The soles are made of rubber and are very flexible, so can handle the many jumps, skips and running that toddlers do. M never stands still, so knowing these little boots can handle an energetic little man, is great! The laces are elastic and enables the boots to be put on with ease. Also the velcro at the top allows for a snug fit, with room for movement. The Rex boots are available in whole sizes toddler sizes UK3/US4 to UK7.5/US9.

leather rex boots

dino rex boots

livie and luca

Live and Luca are a fantastic company we discovered on Twitter. They offer fantastic childrens shoes that are full of bright colours, beautiful designs and allow you see how they capture childhood in a shoe. I love how Livie and Luca’s designs are inspired by the imaginations of children, making them fun and interesting, which is exactly what children should be wearing on their feet. Their shoes are incredibly multi purpose, as anyone with children will know that one minute they are running round the garden, scooting down the pavement or sprinting through puddles.

dinosaur boots

Live and Luca are passionate about children’s shoes and it really shows. If you’re looking for a brand which has your child’s interests at heart, then they are the shoe people for you.

*we were kindly sent these boots for the purpose of this review, but do really love Livie and Luca.

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