Discovering Christmas

With both Clara and I working full time, all our weekends are dedicated to getting into the Christmas spirit. We are so conscious of how fast Christmas day is approaching, so we want to make every moment with M as magical as possible. With Christmas parties, family visits and Christmas shopping taking up a few of our free days before Christmas, we have very few days set aside for discovering Christmas. But that doesn’t stop us from being spontaneous and making the weekends special for our little dude.

Christmas spirit

Our day today started with a special PNP message for M, which told him he’d made the nice list for trying his best to always listen to his mummies. This certainly got M feeling the Christmas spirit and filled our hearts to bursting when his little grin lasted for quite a while.

We then headed off to do our weekly food shop, hardly exciting, but it allowed us to discover somewhere new to us, Upton Country Park. We had heard they had a fantastic grotto and some lovely grounds to walk around. On our way to the park we posted our little man’s letter to Father Christmas. As M grows older it’s so lovely to hear exactly what he wants Santa to bring. We are also quite lucky to be able to provide M with everything on his list, although we had to double check the lawnmower he wanted was a toy and not one big enough to help us mow the lawn.

christmas spirit letters

We were not disappointed when we arrived at Upton Country Park. Entrance to the car park and grounds are free and we found some fun free activities to enjoy as we walked around the grounds, like riding this very cool Christmas sleigh. M was a bit miffed we didn’t pay to enter the grotto, but he’s super excited to be going to see Santa with his Nanny next weekend. 

christmas spirit sleigh

There were lots of cute little additions to the grounds, just to keep the magic alive. My favourite were these fairy homes to house the Christmas fairies helping Santa in his grotto. I’m not sure if these area a regular feature, but they were a super nice touch for the Christmas theme running throughout the park.

christmas spirit fairy

Christmas is growing more and more magical each year. Now that M is starting to understand the traditions we are creating as a family, it’s really quite special. We have a really packed month this month, with lots more Christmas fun to be had. I can’t wait to share it.

Christmas spirit sleigh mama

What Christmas fun have you been up to?

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  1. Coombe Mill (Fiona) Reply

    It does look very special at the park and how refreshing that you can go in for free. The sleigh looks quite magical all dressed up and I adore the little fairy houses. I bet M is looking forward to his Santa visit next weekend now, he is such a great age, you are all going to have such a special Christmas together. Thank you so much for sharing your park discovery on Country Kids.

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