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I am a huge lover of documentaries and have recently started watching documentaries whilst on my exercise bike at night. I figure if I am exercising my body I may as well exercise my mind with some facts. I thought I would recommend some of my favourite documentaries to watch on Netflix, just in case you’re interested in some factual programmes after binge watching Orange is the new black.


documentaries on netflix

Food Choices

Food Choices examines the world’s diet and covers the importance of a plant based diet.

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead (1&2)

The first of these two documentaries follow Joe Cross on his mission to lose weight, come off his medication and lead a healthier life all by following a juice fast. The second documentary revisits people he encountered in the first documentary as well as addressing issues that arose after introducing people to the juice fast.


This hard to watch at times, documentary explores the life of a killer whale that has literally killed people. It will change the way you think of performing animal attractions.


This is a must see for any teen or adult that feels they are quite internet savvy. This shows how when it comes to the internet, not everything is at it seems at all.

Exit through the gift shop

An interesting documentary if you’ve ever admired a piece of Banksy artwork.

Making a murderer

This documentary follows the wrongful conviction and secondary conviction of Steven Avery.  It will have you forming your own theories of the case and I imagine you will be on Google before the first episode ends.

Matt Shepherd is a friend of mine

This is a heartbreaking documentary about a student from Wyoming who was beaten, tortured and left to die by fellow students.

Hungry for change

This eye opening documentary helps expose the food industries that convince you which foods to consume.

Do you have any favourite documentaries to watch on Netflix? Let me know in the comments below, I’m always looking for new programmes to watch.

We are Netflix StreamTeam members. Our Netflix subscription has been comped for a year. But we’ve been subscribers for as long as I can remember it’s been around.

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