Does it come with a manual?

Since AI day or as I like to call it “All in” day, our book shelves have slowly started to rival the parenting section in our local library.

What to Expect when You're Expecting Manual
To begin with we started with light hearted books that didn’t scare you too much. They talked about every symptom as though it was similar to being in a sitcom. We expected to have lots of lovely anecdotes to talk about after the 1st trimester.

I hate to break it to those of you still in the lovely floaty stages of the 1st trimester. These books lie!! Your wife/girlfriend will not find you even slightly funny if you try turning the events of her first bout of morning sickness into a hilarious comedy sketch.

By the second trimester we moved onto more technical books which described the symptoms and labour in scary microscopic detail. You do not want to read these books whilst eating your coco pops or grapes in the morning. Especially when you get to the section on piles!

They could hand these books out as contraception.

Now we are into the 3rd trimester we are onto books that tell you how to keep your baby safe and sound once it’s born. These are the most confusing. Most of the books contradict the last. I’m sure these books are just written to make you feel as useless as possible. I did find one book I really enjoyed though. So I thought I’d share their advice.

Don’t let them eat after midnight, keep them out of bright light and under no circumstances can you ever get them wet!

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