Dribble and Sit-ups

Our little Monkey is 12 weeks old today and we've seen so many changes.


Over the last week we've seen Monkey make, what we assume to be attempts at sitting up on his own. His level of frustration due to his lack of movement is growing everyday. We both assist him when we see him get frustrated, however we know he'll never learn if we keep propping him up. We recently got a big activity play ring to encourage him to sit for longer periods of time. He has never been that keen on sitting in his bouncer, although that has recently changed due to the introduction of some interactive toys.

Dribble and Sit-Ups - mytwomums.com


The activity ring is excellent, however he seems a little too small for it but by Christmas I'm sure it will be his favourite place to play. Half of me thinks he is too small to be sitting on his own so soon yet the other half is incredibly proud of his stubbornness and determination to reach his goal.


This past week we've also seen a huge increase in dribble and the desire to chomp on anything that comes within centimetres of his mouth. This can be anything from his own to a caring relatives nose when planting a kiss goodbye on him. At times the dribble seems like a little waterfall. We really have no clue how he manages to stay so hydrated. He's also given us a few scares when he catches his breath on his dribble.


Even though Monkey has only been with us for 12 weeks, we've noticed that he's not our tiny little bundle anymore and is growing increasingly more independent. He's now happy to lay down in his carrycot for short periods of time and entertain himself.


We're loving how much he his learning everyday but we want keep him our little baby for as long as possible.


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  1. Taffy Mac Reply

    Isn’t it just fantastic! I love just watching Elijah watching things, getting excited by a leaf or the dog or his own hands :p I loved 12 weeks, I felt like that’s when the three of us really ‘clicked’ as a family and we all just relaxed into it. Good job mums, he’s doing so well!

  2. Gemma Mills / Chamberlain Reply

    AWWWWW! How cute is he, girlies??? Dex is loving his ring at the moment too. He’s also finally got the hang of tummy time which is a massive relief. He looks absolutely lovely in this pic xx

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