Drop two jean sizes – Giveaway

Last year I discovered Thinking Slimmer which really kick-started my healthy weight loss and changed the way I looked at food. This year I was offered the Drop two jean sizes slimpod and a chocoholic pod to review and I couldn’t be happier.

thinking slimmer face

I have been vlogging my weekly updates on my personal YouTube channel and have really seen some positive changes. I am fitting into smaller clothes, feeling more energised and am able to walk down the chocolate aisle at the supermarket, without buying anything.

The slimpods are perfect for those like me, who don’t want a diet, you want a life change. There are no counting calories, no weighing your food and making foods taboo. A slimpod is a hypnotherapy tool you listen to at some point during you day, which changes the way you think and feel about food. You end up making smarter healthier choices, without feeling like you are depriving yourself. Trevor, the smooth talking gent who helps break your bad habits, really knows what to say and I have even found myself quoting him without realising.

thinking slimmer pics

Most nights I pop the pods on before bed and drift off to sleep whilst they play. I could tell the pods were having an effect on me, within a week and now after 9 weeks I can confirm how great I feel. If you are ready to get fitter, feel healthy and break your bad habits, why not enter our giveaway to win a “Drop two jean sizes or more” slimpod. The giveaway runs from 12am Wednesday 10th June 2015 to 12am Wednesday 17th June 2015. Sorry international readers, but it is only open to UK residents.

*I was kindly given two Thinking Slimmer pods, all views and opinions are my own. My before pictures are from a few years ago when I was at my heaviest as an adult.

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  1. xOjox Reply

    Many people commented on my comparison that it was not JUST the weight, looking at yours I understand what they meant. You look happier and more relaxed (which is also showing in your vids BTW). I’m with you, can’t recommend Thinking Slimmer enough, especially for those that find it hard xx

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