Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Back in November last year, Kirsty and I decided to take the step onto the housing market and bought our first ever home together but we are no strangers to the upheaval that comes with moving home, having just settled in our 10th home in 10 years.

Yes, you read that right, 10 different houses/flats/studios/converted lofts, you name it, in the 10 wonderful years of being a couple. So when it comes to a good spring clean to clear away the mess and chaos that comes with unpacking your life from the vast amount of boxes, we are now a dab hand, all made easier with the help of our new Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner from AO.com.

Dyson V8 vacuum handheld

Those who know me well will tell you that I am a bit of a worrier/fanatic when it comes to mess. I love to keep my house clean and tidy as much as I can, otherwise I can become quite anxious about it. It may seem to others that I am a bit too house proud or that I may come across as a bit judgemental when it comes to their own homes but I can assure you that I’m not, I just like to keep my house clean for my own sanity.

Vacuumming Dyson

I can only describe the feeling of being surrounded by clutter in my home as though the walls are closing in on me and I struggle to think my way into a solution to cope with it, just as I’d imagine a person suffering with claustrophobia would feel when in a confined space, so my only option is to clean it or throw it away, never to be seen again!

Dyson V8

For our first fully mortgaged home we decided that we’d quite like a new build property, mostly for practical reasons such as energy efficiency to keep the bills to an absolute minimum and being a blank canvas and easy to decorate but also because they are absolutely spotless, bar some dust from the building works outside. There isn’t any other mess or dirt from previous owners to deal with in those first couple of weeks, whilst you try to settle and unpack. In those first few months my mum, who also has an issue with mess, would say how jealous she was about how clean the place was. In this family the apple certainly doesn’t fall far from the tree, Kirsty will assure you, much to her delight.

Dyson V8 Animal AO

Dyson V8 Animal

In May we were contacted and asked to review the Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner from AO.com which I was ridiculously excited about. For a person who loves to clean, this was as though Christmas had come early.

Before receiving the product I had never used a Dyson but knew they were an excellent brand. I was also excited about the prospect of a cordless vacuum, as I’d only ever used a standard plug in, which I was never fully happy with. There’s always the faff of pulling out the cord, plugging it in and surveying the area to judge whether you have enough cord length to reach all 4 corners of that room and possibly half way up the stairs before having to come all the way down again to un plug it and search for another available plug socket elsewhere in the house. I am now thrilled to announce that I will never own a mains powered vacuum ever again, I have well and truly been converted by the Dyson.

Vacuum Dyson V8

It is so easy to use, I can now vacuum the entire house in half the time and with much better results. The charge lasts up to 40 minutes on the standard setting which is enough time for me to vacuum the entire house, however, if you use the max function which increases the level of suction quite significantly and is excellent, it will reduce the charge by quite a bit and you might find it doesn’t make it all the way round the home.

At the time we received the Dyson we had been in our new home for 6 months, which is not a great deal of time but I was in shock at the amount of dust it managed to pick up when we used it for the very first time. It really is amazing what it managed to pick up and I couldn’t believe this brand new house could gather so much dust in such a short amount of time, whilst being regularly cleaned and polished.

The Dyson V8 Animal vacuum cleaner comes with 4 different heads which are really simple and easy to change over and can be attached directly to the hand held unit, which is great for cleaning along the skirting boards and up the stairs, I use the crevice tool quite a bit. They can also be attached to the extension tube, which essentially eases the use of the appliance whilst you’re vacuuming the carpets, just like a standard vacuum cleaner. One of the attachments has the inbuilt ease of the Dyson Ball technology which makes it really easy to manoeuvre and is the one I use most of the time. It also has an in built air filtration system which removes 99% of dust particles in the air, which is excellent for our household as Kirsty suffers with Asthma.

The Dyson couldn’t be easier to clean, you just simply pull the red ejector clasp on the top, the bottom comes away and the dust literally just falls out into the bin and you then just push it back up to close it, no fuss and no extra tidying up to be done. Once you are done with it you simply just click it back into the dock, which you can mount on the wall if you wish. To turn on the Dyson you simply pull the trigger on the handle, it doesn’t stay on and will turn off automatically if you release it, which I think is great because it doesn’t waste energy and the power lasts a lot longer. Its very easy to leave a vacuum running if you quickly need to attend to something, especially if you have children.

Filter Dyson V8

The only negative I have found with the Dyson is I find it slightly heavy and I sometimes have to switch hands for a short time but it’s not overly heavy and I can cope with that.

Something I also love about the trigger power function is gone have the days of wondering why my vacuum cleaner has magically turned itself off midway through a clean, only to find your child has hit the off switch and legged it whilst you were out of site, this certainly makes for a happier mummy.
I would highly recommend the Dyson V8 Animal cordless vacuum cleaner if you need something that is easy and very quick to use. I love how if there is an accident, I can just grab it, clear it away and pop it back without the added pulling of power cords and fumbling about with plug sockets. Just be sure to keep it charged.

The Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner can be purchased from AO.com and retails at £369.

We were sent the Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner for the purpose of this review.

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