Easter Eggs on the beach

I know what you’re thinking if you’ve read the title, it’s not Easter anymore, but this is about what we did with the leftover eggs from Easter. Or more to the point West Country Mum’s leftover Easter eggs, because I’ll be honest, we didn’t have much left over chocolate.

A few weeks ago we got a message asking us if we wanted a melted Easter egg chocolate fondue on the beach and how can you refuse an invite like that. The weather was beautiful, M was raring to get into the sea and I wanted some toasted marshmallows.

It wasn’t crazy warm, but M still stripped down to his swim shorts and raced towards the sea. He spent a while running in and out of the waves before I challenged him to sit down at the edge of the water. He took the challenge and discovered exactly how cold the water was.

Easter beach sea

friends in the sea Easter

In the sea Easter

I loved seeing M’s confidence and love of the water. It was a huge difference from last year where he would hardly paddle in the sea. He was desperate to get in and swim, but realised this wasn’t going to be possible due to how cold it was.

Beach Easter the waves

To warm up we melted some chocolate eggs over a small disposable BBQ and dipped fruit and marshmallows into the melting mass of goo. It was delicious and something I think we should do every year with our Easter eggs.

Easter beach smiles

Melted chocolate Easter eggs

Easter beach hill

I can’t wait for the Summer and all the fun we’re going to enjoy at the beach.

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