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As busy, working mums to a young growing boy, who always seems to be hungry, no matter how much we feed him, I constantly worry about the amount of ‘Healthy’ foods M is eating throughout the day. That is why we have teamed up with Beko and the ‘Eat Like a Pro’ campaign to encourage our children to enjoy eating healthy foods in a fun and enjoyable way.

Over the years we have been very open and honest about how we have struggled with M’s eating from a very young age, and as first time parents we have also often found ourselves at our wits end trying to come up with new ideas. The most memorable struggle we encountered with M’s eating was when he was around 2 years old, we were in a big rush and decided to feed him a healthy microwave fish pie meal designed for kids, which he loved!

Healthy eating smiles

However, he loved it so much, from that day forward he would only eat that particular fish pie, every, single, day, for what seemed like an entire lifetime. The turning point came when they eventually modified the recipe to include cheese and that was the end of that, he hasn’t touched fish pie since.

Cutting grapes healthy

Healthy Eating cucumber

Although this was obviously fantastic news and we were delighted that our son wouldn’t turn into a fish pie, the panic soon started to set in, what is he going to eat?! Is he going to starve?! How are we going to deal with this?! Luckily, M did eat and we then entered the pizza phase.

Grapes healthy eating plate

Healthy eating create a plate

As parents we have all encountered struggles when it comes to meal times and I’m sure most of us have our own individual battles when trying to get our children to eat a healthy balanced meal. Beko have recently conducted a survey into the healthy eating habits of families and children, in which they asked 2,000 parents with children up to the age of 10 if they manage to encourage them to eat their ‘5 a day’ and I was shocked to read that 50% of parents have actually given up trying.

Healthy Eating pepper

Healthy eating plates

Kirsty and I are lucky enough that M has always enjoyed eating fruit, which we can pack into him for that extra bit of goodness and we are just also turning a corner with salad veggies such as cucumber, raw carrot, sweetcorn and tomatoes, even if all he does with them is suck out the juicy centre (yummy!) but it’s a step in the right direction, but I’m always thinking to myself, how long will this last before he gets bored?

Following the results from the survey Beko have realised just how hard it is to make eating healthy a fun experience for the entire family and are inspiring families like yours and mine to have ‘fun with food’ by creating food art from healthy fruits and vegetables by making plate faces.

Kirsty, M and I have had a go at trying ourselves. I’ll be completely honest by saying it was hard to get M into the spirit at first, once he saw the foods on offer, however, once we got going and he realised how much fun we were having, as a whole family, it was an absolute pleasure to see him trying the new foods and actually liking them. He was also super proud of his creation and boosted his confidence levels for the day as well.

Beko healthy plate

So if you are struggling to encourage your kids to eat healthier, then I would strongly recommend you head on over to the ‘Eat Like a Pro’ website for some inspiration on how to make their ‘5 a day’ fun.

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  1. Kay Reply

    Aww cute, what a good idea to make kids eat their veggies and fruit. Love the smiley face!

    Kay xx

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