Eat Like a Pro with Beko Vacuum Blender

When it comes to encouraging M to try new foods, it is no secret that we have struggled in a big way. However, over the past year or so we have noticed that M does not exhibit any form of anxiety or reluctance to try new drinks, so we were thrilled to be asked to review the Beko Vacuum Blender, as part of the ‘Eat Like a Pro’ campaign which aims to inspire families to eat a healthier and more balanced diet in a fun and exciting way.

Before I jump straight into the review of the Beko Vacuum Blender to tell you exactly what I think of it, here are a few things you may want to know about the product and its features –

  • 4 Blending speeds – Blend, Ice, Smoothie and Sauce
  • An easy to use variable speed dial
  • Auto clean function
  • Vacuum technology which reduces the oxidisation process, give you up to 40% more Vitamin C, Fibre, Vitamin E and Antioxidants from your produce after the blending process
  • Triple serrated and hardened blades
  • A 1.5Litre Capacity
  • A 1000 Watt motor

So what do we think about the Beko Vacuum Blender?

So far we’ve used this blender to make a Coconut, Banana and Cocoa Milkshake, a Berry Blast Smoothie and a Spinach Apple Smoothie, all of which were absolutely delicious and very easy to make, you literally just pop all of the ingredients into the jug, pop it into the machine, select your functions and go!

The Set Up
I found the Beko Vacuum Blender extremely easy to set up as there are very few components, which is a very good thing. I get put off products which requires me to spend more than a few minutes putting it together each time I use it, so I was very happy when I got the blender out of the packaging. There really isn’t too much else to say about it except for a bit thumbs up from us!

Beko Smoothie Maker

I won’t beat about the bush here, this blender is so easy to use and so user friendly that we were able to get M involved at each and every point of the smoothie/milkshake making process, which is great when you’re trying to encourage your kids to actually see what is going into their food and get excited about trying something they have made themselves.
It’s very lightweight and not very bulky, so you could easily have it out on the kitchen top and it not take very much space, or if you are limited to worktop space, it lightweight enough to easily get it out of a cupboard.

Making Smoothie Beko

The functions are very clear and well laid out, I had no issues deciding which feature to use and M was able to press the buttons with ease, which was excellent, sometimes the buttons can be very tough to press.

Eat Like A Pro Beko

The jug was easy to fit into the blender and I was very impressed with the capacity, we didn’t have to cram the ingredients inside at all.

We were also very impressed by how smooth the smoothies came out and how well they kept in the fridge, you can really see how much of a difference the vacuum technology makes to the finished product and the drinks looked bright and inviting, even the next day!

Smoothie Maker Beko Vacuum Blender

Lastly, I would like to talk about my favourite feature and I think it’s absolutely genius – Auto Clean! Why all kitchen appliances don’t have this is beyond me. Once you’ve used the Beko Vacuum Blender, all you do is pour a cup of warm water into the jug and press Auto Clean and it pulses the water around, leaving you with a clean blender, all you then have to do is clean out the jug and job done! It takes a matter of seconds and there’s no faffing about.

Berry Boost Smoothie Beko

I am completely won over by the Beko Vacuum Blender and I think it’s a fantastic product and well worth investing it. It has certainly helped us to ‘Eat Like a Pro’ and ensure our family is getting as much of the goodness back into our diets. I just love it and it’s a must have kitchen appliance.

Beko Vacuum Blender smoothie

The Beko Vacuum Blender retails at £199.99 and can be purchased with retailers such as

We were sent the Beko Vacuum Blender as part of this review but all opinions are our own.

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