He Eats Amazing

Despite the title our little man does not always eat amazingly. He’s a big ole fusspot and has caused us to worry most nights about whether we’ve given him enough to eat or enough variety. We are regimental with his vitamins to ensure he is getting enough and make sure he’s getting plenty of calcium through his milk and cheese.

Quite a few months ago we were sent some fab items from the lovely Grace at Eats Amazing. To be honest I was so excited to use them, but so worried our little man would turn his nose up to what I prepared and leave me even more concerned with his appetite. I tucked away most of the little items, except for the fab Halloween goodies we were sent and an awesome cat plate (which we use daily).

eats amazing bento box

This week I hit a real low in regards to our little man’s eating habits. I’ve been growing concerned with how often he catches viruses and suffers ear infections and decided that now was the time to tackle his diet. I received lots of fab tips on Twitter, read a lot online and even listened to a Jillian Michaels podcast about it, before deciding I was ready.

heart biscuit

I started by gathering the little items I felt would appeal to M, selected some bits and pieces from the fridge and cupboards and got to work. M was really interested in what I was doing and kept appearing to pinch the cheese from the chopping board. “What you doing Mama?” and “Wow, me love it” were repeated over and over.

bento box eats amazing

As the excitement built whilst I was creating his little lunch, he was almost fit to burst by the time I said “Can Mama photograph it first?”. Luckily he’s used to being the son of two bloggers and let me snap away whilst he got stuck in. I couldn’t hide my smiles and I even got a lump in my throat as he finished almost everything I’d created. I sent a silent thank you to Eats Amazing and told my little man how proud I was of him eating such lovely food.

blueberries smile



I’m hoping to keep sharing little lunches I create for M. I think we may have turned a mini corner. Sometimes you need to reach the bottom before climbing to the top.

*We were sent lots of fab items for the purpose of this post. All views are our own.

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  1. Donna Wishart Reply

    It’s so lovely that you have found a way to inspire him with food. Gorgeous photos, he sounds like a lovely little man x

  2. Kirsty Wyatt Reply

    This is brilliant. I struggle with Anabelle. If it’s not ‘sgetti naze’, she doesn’t really want it. I’ve seen these creative lunches popping up on Instagram for a while so may need to give these a go.

  3. More Than Words Reply

    The lunches you mums prepare for this kiddo are fantastic! Fun food is my favorite!

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