Editing with the GoPro Quik app.

Just before our trip to Colorado for the GoPro Mountain Games we discovered the GoPro Quik app (free – App storeGoogle play store). With our GoPro’s capturing hours of footage we were in desperate need for an easy to use editing video editing app that could produce great¬†quality videos at a high resolution.

The GoPro Quik app uses amazing technology to analyse your footage, check the beats of your accompanying music before producing a high energy edit perfect for upload to your YouTube channel. The great thing about the Quik app is the ability to add filters, fonts and graphics and pick the edit style of your video.  With simple to use tools you can upload up to 50 videos or photos and allow the app to pick the best moments or manually edit them to suit. Your video can be saved in HD 720p or 1080p/ cinematic landscape or square.

GoPro Quik app

It’s super easy to get started. Open the app, select your videos or photos and let the technology discover the best bits from your clips, add great transitions and match the music beats to your video clips. If you want a more hands on approach to your edits you can manipulate every feature. Selecting the paint jug allows you to change the filters and pace of your video.

If you select one of the 24 free video styles you like, you can edit it further by selecting it and changing the font, filter or graphics. Select the music note to change the music accompanying your edit (just make sure you check the copyright of the tracks you choose if you are uploading to social media). Selecting the pencil allows you to add more clips, change the order of clips, duplicate clips and remove clips.

Quik app

Within this area you can manually adjust many more features like focal points you want the camera to focus on, overlaying text, adding slow motion to video and trimming your clips. Clicking the spanner allows you to change the format of your video from Cinema (landscape) to square (for FB, Instagram and Twitter uploads) as well as setting the duration of your video.

Once you feel your masterpiece is ready you can save to your phone or publish straight to your social media sites. My best advice is to check you have set all save files to the maximum resolution as this will produce the best quality video every time.

The best thing about Quik app is the each time you’ll get something fresh and fun to inspire you to capture more footage. Give it a go on all your Summer footage and let me know how you get on.


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