Endless Energy

If I could bottle M’s energy I would. We would almost certainly be millionaires if we could sell it to parents that need a little energy after keeping up with their own bundles of endless energy. When I dreamed about having a son I always imagined an active little boy, racing around the house, riding a bike in the garden and climbing trees in the woods.

Boy did we get what I dreamed about. Ever since M was small he just can’t stay still. He started walking at 8 months, I’m sure just so he could get places quicker. He moves so much that we nicknamed him our little Hummingbird as I think it almost pains him to stay still for longer than 30 seconds. When he sits he will still fidget and bounce around and at night he’s often found upside down and wrapped around a duvet in bed.

Energy bike ride

The endless energy does have its cons as well. This week M has had three injury notes sent home on three separate days due to running head first into several children. A blood nose on one day, the next was a split lip and finally today I was met by his teacher who wanted to tell me to keep a close eye on his condition as he’d had a nasty bang to his head. He seemed quite proud of each injury note, telling me about the ice packs school has and the kind year 6 boy that took him to the office. I was just pleased that the accidents haven’t put him off racing around like a loon.

Energy jumping

Energy water fountain

Don’t get me wrong, there are times where we work hard to get him to sit still. Mealtimes are always a challenge as his bottom can’t stay on a seat for very long. Plus I feel I am on a constant loop of “mind your neck…… don’t jump off that ledge….. watch the TV…. my gosh your back!”.

energy smiles

But I am conscious that energy can dwindle, kids are told to sit down and stay still for so much time during the day that I feel it is important to get him to embrace his movement. So I will keep loving the impromptu dance breakouts we enjoy in the kitchen, marvel at his ability to race around the house at neck breaking speeds without knocking my coffee over and capture his crazy sleeping positions to show him in the morning.

One day they may figure out how to replicate the energy kids have and if they do I will be first in the queue for a bottle of it.

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