Enjoying a Higgidy Picnic

Clara and I are fans of a picnic, we don’t need an occasion, just a day out and we’re packing up the sausage rolls, crisps and juice boxes. But when we were offered vouchers to purchase a range of Higgidy pies, quiches and sausage rolls to make our picnic extra special, we took the opportunity to take our picnic to Camp Bestival and boy were we happy we did.

higgidyHiggidy make the kind of food that we look longingly at in Waitrose, they look amazing and fancy and very tempting. So we really went to town when offered some vouchers to help us cater our Camp Bestival picnic. We selected a large Smoked English Bacon & Mature Cheddar Quiche, two small quiches (Little sweet potato and spicy tomato & Little Smoked Bacon & Cheddar Quiche) and you can’t have a picnic without sausage rolls (Roasted Tomato & Pork Sausage Rolls & Herby Pork & Pancetta Sausage Rolls). The story behind Higgidy is very sweet and a bit of a love story. In short a very clever lady liked making pies and fell for a gentleman who built her a kitchen to cook them in, the rest they say is history! Every Higgidy pie, quiche and sausage roll has been finished by real life hands, which makes them extra special and is quite rare in the world of packaged foods. Our picnic was quite an impromptu one, on the first day we arrived and set up the tent. Knowing we had a large cool bag of Higgidy quiches was very hard to resist and we were cracking out the crisps and choccy biscuits to accompany our Higgidy feast. higgidy pies

We tucked into the quiches first and were so impressed with the depth of flavours, there were mmmss and aaahhhs from C as she told me we’d be buying a Higgidy pie as soon as she got home as she LOVED them. My favourite was the little smoked bacon & Cheddar quiche, next time I want the whole thing to myself!

Then the sausage rolls got opened and that’s when I fell in love. Who knew a Roasted Tomato & Pork Sausage Roll could taste so good?! We’ve bought several packets since our picnic and agreed that we’ve not had a sausage roll that’s come close to how tasty a Higgidy sausage roll is. Higgidy like to stay true to their tasty treats and refuse to add nasty extra ingredients, which makes their products great to share with the ones you love.

higgidy rolls

Our picnic was over quite quickly, setting up camp and pitching tents really get you hungry. But we thought we’d share some picnic tips for those who like to plan their picnics.

Freeze some foil juice packs to help keep your food cool in addition to cool packs. You end up with a nice cool drink by the time you are ready to eat.

Pick up a couple of multi purpose knife/fork tools from a pound store. They allow you to cut up your quiche and eat it without having to lug full sets of cutlery around.

Have some Vital Baby Sanitising Water with you, handy for sticky fingers and can also be used on dropped cups and cutlery.

Prep fruit and salad before you pack your picnic to allow you to eat easily.

We love a picnic, no matter what time of the year, so do let us know any great picnic tips you have, by leaving a comment below.

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