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We love having a blog, the friends we have met through blogging are some of the funniest, most interesting people we know *though we do have some very cool non blogging friends*. The opportunities that have arisen through blogging continue to amaze and surprise us each day, we really don’t take anything for granted and are so grateful for any thing that comes our way.

Blogging about our family is something we hold quite dear to our hearts. We want to open the doors to same-sex families and show that we are just two parents in love raising a child that we adore. One of our favourite linkys we join in with is Me and Mine, run by the lovely Lucy from Dear Beautiful. We love sharing our family shot each month and making sure all three of us get in front of the camera. I am conscious of that fact we choose the exact moment we share with you. I edit it until I am pleased it is up to the standard I want to share and I make sure I pick a picture that portrays the message I wish to portray that month. So you all get to see exactly what we want you to see.

Well this weekend a lovely friend of ours called Hayley who takes the odd photo and blogs too. captured a family moment behind the scenes. I didn’t set up the camera, I didn’t snap the exact moment I wanted to and I didn’t get to edit the image my way. The lovely Hayley held all the cards. She snapped away at us being a family, sharing an intimate moment, laughing with each other, smiling at something one of us has said and I adore the photos. They are us, they capture us completely. Yes we have bad days, no we don’t always smile and yes sometimes we would rather all not be in a picture together. But the day Hayley took our photos was a day we enjoyed so much.



The photos weren’t taken as part of a shoot, we were just a family feeding apples to some Ponies. So I wanted to show you them, just to share our regular family.

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  1. Lucy Reply

    These photos are lovely (good work Hayley!) and it just confirms my opinion that sometimes it would be nice to have a photographer just follow you around while you do what you do. That’s the tough bit of being the snapper in the family, we have some beautiful candid photos of my hubby and the kids, but none of me or with all of us.
    Thanks for giving Me and Mine a mention. You’ve been such a great supporter of the project, I’m so glad you join in each month. x

  2. Hayley Reply

    I so enjoyed spending time together and I’m glad you like the snaps. I’m looking forward to our shoot next year x

  3. Sarah @apartyofseven Reply

    cute shots. what i love about that first one is not only the lovely moment between you all but also that truck blurring past you giving such a great feeling of movement in the shot. really works. 🙂 She is a star that Hayley innit 😉

    • Hayley Reply

      Oh gosh, the truck!! I had a “do I just shoot at get the moment or wait and get a no truck shot but lose it” dilemma!

  4. Bex @ The Mummy Adventure Reply

    I love the photos and agree that sometimes the captured unawares are better than the staged as they are a peek at ‘real life’, whatever that may be. I can confirm that you are all just as lovely in real life as on your blog though x

  5. Innocent Charms Chats Reply

    You know how much I already love these photo’s by the comments left on ever social media platform (lol) but I shall say it again just beautiful, it’s lovely to see such natural shots, you both look gorgeous and Monkey well as always a stunner xx

  6. Cariemay Reply

    They’re gorgeous photos, and so very true to how I imagine you are as a family; the love and the closeness of the three of you just radiates out.

  7. Lauren Reply

    I love these photos so much. They capture the family I saw and got to spend time with-happy, smiling and a perfect family unit.

    You are such a great team and I think these photos show that off perfectly.

    Well done Hayley you superstar xx

  8. mummydaddyme Reply

    What beautiful photos of the three of you- they really capture a family in love. Hayley is a star.

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