Family Bucket list

Some of our early followers may know that I (K) turned 30 in March and spent the last year of my 20’s attempting to complete a Things before I’m 30 list.

I didn’t quite manage to finish everything on my list before the big 30 struck as our lil bump started to take all my attention. I haven’t given up on it completely it’s just other things became more important.

Since getting our heads round impending parenthood, we’ve started to think about things we’d like to do as a family.

It has become our own family bucket list.

We’ve already started creating a list of adventures and experiences we’d like to have to make sure we live life to the fullest. We like to think that life is for making the most of as you don’t know how your cards will get dealt each day. Some people make the mistake of making a bucket list of things they think they want to achieve but really don’t have a passion to complete. You have to make it a list of things you want to do, they can be easy to achieve or can be things you know you have to push yourself to complete.

So here are five things from our family bucket list, I’m sure we will keep adding to it as the weeks/months/years pass. They are mostly for the future when our lil bundle is a bit older. But it’s could to have something to look forward to.

Go on a family camping trip.

Get a professional family photo taken.

Go to Disneyland.

Do some voluntary work as a family.

Have a kids make the rules day.

Have you written a bucket list? What would be top of your list?

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