Family fireworks – 2014

Last year on the 5th November, we watched fireworks being lit in our back garden by M’s Grandad whilst we stood safely in the conservatory. M wasn’t too impressed with the bangs and flashes so was happy to observe from a distance. This year M was much more impressed by all the beautiful colours, but was just as happy to watch from behind glass. I on the other hand enjoyed a close up view *well as close as safety allows*. I had read a couple of blog posts about how to capture firework shots on your DSLR and I wanted to try it.

sparkler love

Before the fireworks were prepped we cracked out the sparklers and enjoyed being kids, writing names, soppy things and the odd rude shape (C’s little brother perfected a few of those). I was quite impressed with how well I captured the sparklers and with a few tweaks I may be able to manage an even better job next year.

smiley sparkly

infinity sparkler

M wasn’t really into the sparklers so assumed the role of tripod guard. He did a smashing job making sure it didn’t wobble or slip. As the fireworks were prepped M headed indoors with C and I took my position with an iPhone, DSLR and a GoPro. I was determined to get some shots I was proud of. I don’t think I did too bad a job.

bright start

firework fun

massive firework

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  1. Cariemay Reply

    Oh they’re fabulous sparkler pictures! And your fireworks have come out well too. I’ve got a couple of packets of sparklers but it just keeps raining on us – maybe I’ll get around to some pictures by Christmas!!

  2. Donna Wishart Reply

    I love firework photography although I am useless at it myself! Love your sparkler shots 🙂 x

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