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Each month I get to the end and am amazed by how fast it has flown by. August really did fly by. With birthdays and celebrations, challenges and holidays, the end of the month came and went and my ‘me and mine’ post didn’t get posted on time for the first time. Now we’re back into the flow of the 9-5 and regular family time, I’ve been able to look back over the month.

At first I struggled to find a picture of all three of us, until I looked at the photos on our newest addition to the family. We were recently sent a GoPro Hero3+ to review and have been busy playing with all the settings and features. Our first trip with the GoPro had to be to the beach, so we ended up with a lovely photo of the three of us in our favourite location. I think we have several other Me and Mine pictures taken in this exact location this year.

family on the beach


The second photo was taken with the GoPro whilst on holiday in Wales. We’d built a holiday around our challenge to climb Snowdon for Raising for Grayson. We spent the week with my family in a lovely little house and got chauffered around by my parents. Which meant we were very cosy in the back. The great thing about the GoPro is it’s wide lens, which meant I was able to snap a family shot in a confined space. I love how  M is looking at me like “give it a rest with the camera Mama”.



I’m already thinking about September’s family photo. I love the colours of Autumn and really want to capture them during our annual photo walk. I just have to remember to snap all three of us and not just lots of trees.

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  1. Donna Wishart Reply

    Lovely photos! I like how you hadn’t planned for them to be your photos for the month, so natural! x

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