Family memories to treasure

Back in March we were sent to Lanzarote for the weekend to take part in a photo shoot for an Airbnb campaign. It was a whirlwind break and was packed full of moments I am sure we will never forget.

One of the days we worked from morning until early evening travelling across the island to get the required shots. It was surreal at times as despite being part of a couple of other marketing campaigns, this was our first outside of a studio/home. We are always truly grateful for any opportunity our blog provides and this weekend was full of family memories to treasure. Thankfully these moments were caught on camera.

Family smiles

Breakfast moments

Big smiles by M

It’s been a while since we had family shots captured by a professional, so we were delighted when we received a folder of photos last week. Each shot captures us perfectly and have giving us some lovely shots to frame. It’s quite rare for C and I to like every shot of us when somebody else is in control, but we found ourselves smiling at each one.

Bubbles and smiles

relaxing family

Stones on the beach

Family on the beach


This Kid smiles

family memories on the beach

So even though technically these family moments weren’t captured this month I wanted to share them for Me and Mine this month as they mean quite a lot to us. LGBT visibility means so much to us so to be asked to take part in a campaign by such another big brand is great for our little family as it makes me proud to be able to tell M he has taken part in something so important.

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