Family packing list for Camp Bestival

This will be our second year as official Camp Bestival Bloggers. We are really privileged that we get to attend such a fantastic family event, so we take our roles seriously. We make sure we are fully prepared for all eventualities and most importantly pack to have fun. Last year was our first time attending a festival. We packed in preparation for a camping trip, but found we left out items you might want when packing for Camp Bestival and had a few items we didn’t use. So we thought we would share a revised list for this year’s trip.


Camping   Tent – This year we have been kindly loaned a SoulPad 4000ease to review during our trip. The first year we took a three man tent with a small porch, it was a bit of a squash with barely much room to move. This is ok if you don’t intend to spend much time in your tent, but when you have children, you may want more space. Also consider testing your tent in a rainstorm. We spent a good hour propping up the inside of our tent during a short rainstorm, to prevent it leaking, so it’s worth making sure you tent can endure some good old British rain.  

Pegs/mallet/spare guy ropes – Make sure your kit is all in good condition before getting to the site.  

Sleeping bags/duvet/pillows/Airbeds – The little man has been sent an awesome robot sleeping bag to review this year. Last year he was a little too small for a sleeping bag, but this year he is so excited to get inside his sleeping bag. We have a cute little Ready bed to place it on, which he slept soundly in last year. Clara and I have a great double airbed we picked up in a sale at Mountain Warehouse a few years ago. We don’t like being confined to a sleeping bag, so take our double duvet and pillows for comfort. If you’ve bought new items for the festival, take them out of all their plastic and paper packaging to prevent rubbish on your pitch.  

Child’s favourite teddy/blanket – Our little man goes everywhere with his owl blanket, so it’s a must for us to take it. Just make sure you put a name and number on your child’s item, just in case you get separated. The last thing you want to do is spend a day searching for your child’s favourite teddy.  

Camping stools/chairs – If you like a little comfort when you get back to your tent, you may fancy packing a couple of camping chairs to relax in. You can usually pick these up for two for a tenner in discount stores.

Toiletries Toothbrush/toothpaste/mouthwash – It’s handy to keep a bottle of water in the tent to wash your teeth we. We didn’t fancy the queues for the sinks, so brushed our teeth in our tent.

Baby wipes – These are life savers when you want to freshen up, mop up spills in the tent, clean your child up after a fun packed day. You can not take too many packets of wipes!

Deodorants – You may not be showering for a few days, if you want to smell good, a great deodorant is key.

Toilet roll – We didn’t encounter any toilets without toilet roll, but it’s worth taking some with you, just in case!

Medication – This is important. Make sure you have the right dosage you need to last the whole festival. Make sure you have ID on you with information about your medicine, just in case you find yourself in a medical situation.

Food & Drink Last year we took some food and never cooked it. We sampled lots of delicious food and were really glad we did. But it can be costly. So this year we are taking some dried bits and pieces to keep our little man’s tummy full without spending too much.

Breakfast bars/brioche – These keep well over several days and don’t require heating to eat, which makes them handy to eat on the go.

Noodles in a box – If you take a stove and kettle or can use a friends, these make a handy lunch if you wish to save a little cash.

Kiddylicious snacks – We took these snacks last year and they were perfect for our little man.

Cheese/crackers/fruit – Our little man practically lives on these foods. We are taking a cool box to keep them in so they should last the weekend with no issue.

Clothes Keep these comfortable, loose fitting for the day and warm for the evening. Pack hoodies and rain macs for all weather types. You will be doing a lot of walking so wear comfortable shoes.


The fun bits

There will be so many things that will make your weekend fun. Bubbles are almost always a must and will cost you quite a bit if you leave it until you’re on site to purchase them. We’ve already got a couple of bubble guns and bubble swords to keep our little man happy.

Fancy dress isn’t always everyone’s piece of cake, But we enjoy it and decided to give it a go this year. The theme is Wild, so we have a couple of things up our sleeves. You could wear fancy dress the whole weekend if you like, but if not, the official day is Saturday, when the wagon parade happens.


Money is most important if you want to have some fun at Camp Bestival. There are some cash machines on site, but the queues are crazy busy. We suggest taking some cash to begin with and then using the machines if you run low. The final most important thing to pack is your tickets, without these you aren’t getting on site. Keep them safe and double check you’ve got them before you head to the car to go.

Let us know if we’ve left anything out, we love a good packing list so do leave us your links in the comments.

As part of the official blogging team for Camp Bestival, our tickets for the event are provided for us.


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