Family in Ruins

Don’t panic, this isn’t a post about a family breakdown. This title accurately describes September’s family photo. We were very kindly sent a National Trust Touring pass to use on a trip to a location of our choice. We choice a local National Trust site that we all love, Corfe Castle. We’ve taken M to Corfe Castle twice now and it’s interesting to see how much he’s developed since his last visit.

As we climbed the ruins he wowed in awe at the giant structure before him. He laughed as his little voice echoed round an empty cove and he hopped and skipped between the ruin walls. It was a day where we really got to experience some family activity time. We love watching M experience new activities and as he engaged with a medieval activity in the castle grounds he seemed to be as happy as a two year old can be.

lulworth castle

Whilst we were at Corfe Castle M managed to check off number 28 on his 50 things before you’re 11 and 3 quarters list. He made a start on his list last year and has already managed to tick quite a few off. Corfe Castle sits on the top of a really big hill and because M is little we counted this as his “Climb a really huge hill”.

The National Trust are running a fab campaign called Nature Misses you, to encourage children to get outside and get exploring. It actually makes me quite sad that such a campaign is needed. We are a huge outdoors family and are always on adventures. But I understand that statistics show that some school age children spend less than an hour outside each day. The 50 things list is a great way to get children excited about the great big space outside their front doors.

Nature misses you sign - Wasdale


We’ve already started to think about our next big adventure. We recently bought M a bug viewer and have been catching spiders, counting their legs and then setting them free again (unharmed). I really want to take him to find even more interesting bugs. We also live near the Jurassic coast, so number 26 could be the next one checked off.

This family photo we managed to grab at Corfe Castle really makes me smile. We may look all relaxed but M was running around a mile a minute and we had to practically wrestle him into the picture. But it’s got us and a little history.


family at the castle

*We received a National Trust Touring Pass for free

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  1. Donna Wishart Reply

    There are so many beautiful NT places and this one looks incredible! Lovely family photo too x

  2. Cariemay Reply

    I love Corfe! My great aunt lived in Bournemouth and we used to go along to Corfe when we visited – it’s such a spectacular spot and a lovely photo of the three of you

  3. Thinly Spread Reply

    Oh how we love Corfe! I have a fab pic of my lot leaning against that wall which stands at an improbable angle, looking as if they are holding the castle up! Did you know that it is Corfe which appears at the beginning of Bedknobs and Broomsticks? 🙂

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