Family uses for coconut oil

For the last year I’ve heard nothing but good things about coconut oil. As someone who likes to discover things to keep me healthy I was quite intrigued by the family uses for coconut oil. I was a bit concerned I was jumping on a bit of a health food band wagon, but after using coconut oil for the last few months, I can confirm it is something you should have on your shelves.

The science bit

The majority of coconut oil (65%) is made up of medium chain triglycerides (MCT), which are triglycerides and fatty acids with a carbon length chain of 6 – 12.


In broken down terms, it’s not considered a bad fat like most fats. But that’s not to say in a couple of years down the line we will all be told it isn’t great for us and we should use some new fat, but right this moment I did my research and have decided it is great to use. So what are the family uses for coconut oil I hear you ask? Well let me share the ways we’ve used it and you can go buy and share and see what you think.

Smoothies I’ve been adding a little to both M and my smoothies for the last few months and not only does it taste delcious, it also helps increase the calorie content of say a breakfast smoothie to keep me going until lunch time. My go to smoothie is a teaspoon of coconut oil, 4 strawberries, half a frozen banana, 200ml of almond or coconut milk and a squirt of Sweet Freedom choc shot.

Frying Now we’re all told frying is bad if we want to maintain a healthy diet. But I love a fried egg on my avocado. So I’ve switched out other frying fats for coconut oil and noticed it not only tastes nicer (less greasy a bit coco-nutty), it also doesn’t burn the white of my egg.

Oil Pulling Basically oil pulling is the practice of taking a spoonful(s) of coconut oil into your mouth and swilling it around your teeth for up to 20 minutes. I was a bit confused by this when I first researched it. Swill it around for 20 minutes? How will I manage that? But I gave it a shot and was surprised how easy I found it.  I have done this over a week and can confirm that my gums did feel healthier and my teeth looked marginally whiter.


Cradle cap

This is something a couple of our Twitter followers told us about. Use a small amount on the scalp, massage in and leave for a few minutes before washing off with a warm water. (Please make sure your child is not allergic before applying to whole head)

Smooth silky Hair

I suffer with dry hair due to all the product I use and my days of dyeing my hair every colour imaginable. I started by just rubbing a bit into the driest sections, before washing out. I started to notice an improvement in the texture of my hair, so moved to applying once a week onto dry hair, before washing out.


This is one of my favourite uses for coconut oil and is works so quickly. I sunburned my lips whilst at Camp Bestival and was in so much pain as they kept splitting every time I smiled or opened my mouth to brush my teeth. I used a small amount on my lips twice a day for two days and they healed at a remarkable speed.

Soothes eczema

For years I have suffered with eczema on my hands. My OCD causes me to wash my hands many times throughout the day and this leads to cracked and sore skin on my fingers and hands. When I discovered I could use coconut oil as a form of moisturiser, my hands were the first place I tried it on and I was so impressed. I have gone months now without any eczema flare ups on my fingers and I have no open splits or breaks in the skin on my hands. (consult your doctor if you are using other forms of treatment for your eczema)

Raw makes

I have become slighly addicted to Deliciously Ella Nutty Energy Bites, which are made using coconut oil, among other ingredients. There are so many interesting healthy foods you can make using coconut oil. I was impressed by how easy it is to throw together some raw fruits and nuts and come up with something high energy and tasty. (Obviously if you eat the whole lot in one sitting it’s not too healthy, moderation people… moderation)

Ease sore throats

I used this method when suffering with a cold a few months back and noticed a quicker recovery than normal. Now this could have just been down to the particular virus I had, but it could also be down to this method. I stirred a tablespoon of coconut oil into a cup of warm milk, twice a day and drank on waking and before bed.

So that’s some of the family uses for coconut oil that we’ve put through their paces. I’ve honestly loved using coconut oil so much that I’ve convinced several family members to start using it. The fact it is has multi purposes in the kitchen, bathroom and even bedroom (I will leave you to google that), means that you will be sure to find a use if one of our tips doesn’t suit you.

Leave us a comment to let us know how you use it, we are always looking for new ways to put it through it’s paces.

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  1. 76 sunflowers Reply

    I’m a week into #nopoo and have been using coconut oil as a conditioner. Also lovely slathered over my face after a shower – not on a sunny day though! Yet to actually consume it! 😉

  2. Donna Wishart Reply

    This is great! I’ve seen coconut oil EVERYWHERE and have never known what to use it for. You can use it for everything! x

  3. Lauren Reply

    I use it on my skin sometimes. I did find that regular use, as in every day, did make my skin break out so now I just use it every now and then to add a bit of moisture.

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