Favourite month so far.

Although I’ve adored every single moment you’ve been in our lives Monkey. This month has been my favourite so far. Your personality is really starting to shine and you’re one cheeky little chappy.

I love watching you explore the world around you, especially now that you are mobile. Your world has increased from a couple of feet within your grasp to wherever your belly crawl takes you. You set your eyes on something and won’t stop until it’s in your hand or your favourite place to put things, your mouth.

You listen intently to everything we say and turn your head dramatically from side to side,  if you can hear us but can’t quite see us. Certain words fill the air with your gorgeous giggles which in turn sets me off laughing. We often leave Mummy grinning at our back and forth laughing sessions. Mummy discovered you love the word goose whilst at Kew Gardens and I found you loved the word splash, whilst we splashed away in the bath.

You are very strong willed and though at times this could be frustrating, I love this about you. I can’t wait to hear your opinions and see the passion behind them. I look forward to our many debates and conversations where we set the world to rights. Sometimes you seem so much older than your months. I’m sure you take everything we tell you onboard.

When I look at your beautiful face, I see your Mummy looking right back at me. I’m so glad you’ve inherited her beauty. So many people think we look so alike at times, I would have to agree. We share the same dark eyes and Mummy says we have the same mischievous look. I could think of worse things you could have inherited from me.

A few days ago you took your first shuffled steps. Your little world is soon to increase, just doors and stair gates prevent you from seeing the vast earth that lays ahead of you. The first line of so many adventures has already been written. I can’t wait to see where your foot steps take you. I just know that each month that passes will be one big adventure.

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  1. 2aussiemammas Reply

    I should not have read this after putting my makeup on for work :p

    This post is so beautiful, and brought a tear to my eye as every word resonated with me. I absolutely love how you talk about monkey and refuse to let the less fun stuff be any less amazing – one of my pet hates is wen people say things like; “you wait til xyz, then you won’t be as keen!” Or “wait til he starts talking, you’ll just want him to shut up!” etc. I absolutely LOVE that you talk about everything as a positive. I love that no matter what he does or will do, you’re proud and excited and looking forward to every little thing. Thank you! It makes me so happy that there are other parents that have had a child for (what I deem to be) the right reasons and find joy in it all.


    • Mytwomums Reply

      Thank you. He is our world. Everything he does is a complete joy. I love watching him learn new things about the world. I can’t wait to see what he learns next.

  2. Katie @mummydaddyme Reply

    This is such a beautiful post- and gorgeous photos as always. I love it when they really start to explore the world around them. Monkey is just an absolute treasure. x

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