Favourite Toddler apps for iPad

M has been a big fan of the iPad since we first introduced him to it. He has used it to learn about animals, dinosaurs, the alphabet and his numbers. He also enjoys watching his favourite films and drawing on it. It really has a lot of purpose. We used to struggle to find apps he likes, but now we have quite a collection. So we thought we would share his favourite toddler apps for iPad.

Toca Boca

We have a range of free and paid for apps by the fab brand Toca Boca. M’s favourite are Pet Doctor, Kitchen Monsters and Toca Tailer. You can be sure to find a Toca Boca app for whichever age your child is, even Clara and I end up playing Hair Salon or Tailor. The games are such a simple idea, but they execute it so well. M can start the apps on his own and now play all the ones aimed at younger children. We recently received a download code to test the new Toca Boo app (£1.99), launched for Halloween. You are in control of a little ghost who likes to jump out from behind curtains and shout “BOO”. It’s a game we all play together as the suspense gets a bit much for M at times, but he giggles away as soon as the ghost scares someone. All the games are controlled with swipe and tap actions and are not clunky or fiddly.

toca boo

toca boca apps

Endless Numbers, Reader, Alphabet

We discovered Endless Numbers (Free with optional add on purchases) and Alphabet (£4.99) a while ago and are pleased that they’ve helped us teach our little man how to count to ten and say his ABCs. We recently asked for some more recommendations for apps on Twitter and were told about Endless Reader (Free with optional add on purchases), which has been a hit as well. Endless Numbers and Alphabet allow your little ones to poke their toes in the sea of numeracy and literacy. The numbers or letters appear on the screen and then a cheeky monster comes and knocks them out of place. Your little one then has to drag them back into place. When they get it right, a little scene plays out, which almost always makes M laugh. Endless Reader builds on your little ones skills and encourages them to place the words they make into sentences. M enjoys saying the words after each section.

endless numbers

Hat Monkey

Hat Monkey (£1.99) is a fab little app we discovered after reading one of Chris Haughton’s childrens books. The game is so simple it is perfect for toddlers to play on their own. You have to help Monkey talk on the phone, play hide and seek and watch as he has a little dance. M loves making Monkey slip on his bananas. It’s a really beautiful little game.

hat monkey

Boj – The Collector/Musical Mayhem (£2.49) The Little Lost Note (£1.99)

We received some codes to try these three apps by Box Of Frogs Media and were surprised to discover M was already familiar with Boj from the TV. The three apps are interactive books which allow you to read or story or be read to. M enjoyed tapping around the screen to see which items he could interact with. The stories are not too long and are perfect for bed time. I think they make a great family app as you can chose to read the story to your child and ask them questions once you’ve finished.

Little Fox & Nighty Night by Fox and Sheep GmbH

We first discovered Little Fox (£1.99) when M was very small. We loved putting it on and playing the songs to him and were so happy when he started to interact with it. We really wanted a similar app to come along so were so pleased when Nighty Night (£1.99) was released. Both apps encourage interaction and produce little scenarios between the characters. M is particularly fond of the goat which poos in Nighty Night.

nighty night

Make a Scene

We have various Make a Scene apps. M’s favourite is the farm and dinosaur editions. The apps work like interactive sticker books. You drag the pictures up onto a scene and they tell your what the picture is of. I really love the dinosaur one as I got to learn a few new dinosaur names in prep for when M is old enough to recite them all.

make a scene
We’d love to know if you’ve discovered some fab toddler apps for iPad. Share them in our comments below.


*We received some credits to try Toca Boo, Boj and The Little Lost Note. All views and opinions are our own.

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  1. Louise Hegarty Reply

    This is great – thank you. We’ve had the Toca Boca apps and Endless Alphabet for a while but I’d kind of forgotten about them so I’ll definitely show them to my daughter again. And some of the others sounds great so I will check them out 🙂 x

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