February 2016 – Home Life Project

This weekend I was all ready to join in with Clare from Maybush Studio’s Home Life Project again, to the point where I made sure my camera battery was charged and my memory card was clear. I was a little late on my post last month, so I wanted to make sure I got my post live on time. Having these photos to look back on at the end of the year is great. So many of our weekends end up being captured at the beach or the woods, so it’s nice to have memories of those moments spent at home.

Home Life Feb - sofa

Our little man likes to lie in at the weekend as he has inherited C’s sleep gene. This pleases us very much as it means we get longer in bed too. The little dude takes a while to wake up in the morning, which means we get lots of snuggly moments.

Home life feb - awake

Home Life Feb - toast

Recently we have been working with the very fab folks at Graze, whom have sent us this very cool yoga leaflet that we have been doing every single day since it arrived. The little man loves getting into the various positions and makes sure we do them without fail.

Home Life Feb - Yoga

Home Life Feb - Playing

For weeks our little dude has been due a haircut so today we decided it was finally time. I am glad I have these “before” images to capture what his unruly mop looks like before it gets tamed.

Home Life Feb - before haircut

Home Life Feb - Upside down

Home Life Feb - Bedroom

After the haircut it was snack time, bath time and some quick play time before we headed out to a birthday party for one of M’s preschool friends.

Home Life Feb - Apple

Home Life Feb - toothbrush

Home Life Feb - splash

Home Life Feb - Room

I love this kid’s crazy faces!

Home Life Feb - Cheese

Home Life Feb - Bricks

We’ve been doing our best to help prepare our little man for his school adventure in September. He’s learning so much so quickly, it is so amazing to witness.

Home Life Feb - Work

Night time snuggles with M’s favourite blanket are the way every evening ends. It will be a sad day when we no longer see Owlie.

Home Life Feb - Owlie

Home Life Photography Project

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  1. Life With Munchers Reply

    Great hair cut! Loads of lovely snaps and glad you manage to get a long lie in there too. #homelifeproject

  2. Claire@ClarinasContemplations Reply

    Lie-ins! You lucky lady! What’s the secret?! Our children seem to always want to lie-in on weekdays but are up bright and early on weekends! A gorgeous set of shots and a lovely haircut! #homelifeproject

  3. Clare Mansell Reply

    There is so many things I love about this post, I think I’m going to have to list them! Firstly I love that zingy grass green colour of the chest of drawers and the seat, it’s one of my favourite colours and I love the photo of M in the bath where as the viewer you are just getting a little sneak peek round the curtain and I love the polaroids on your wall (this so shouldn’t be about home decor, but errr… it is) and finally (you know it already) but M’s haircut is just fab. He looks like a little rock star in that photo where he is pulling a face! Thank you again for joining in, you guys are several shades of awesome. x

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