February 2017 – Home Life Project

It’s crazy to be writing up our second Home Life Project of the year already! That means we’ve been in our new home for over 2 months now and to be honest it still hasn’t sunk in that we are homeowners. We’ve settled into our weekday routines very well, but still struggle just relaxing at home on the weekends as we are so used to filling them out activities outside the house.

This weekend our plans were to be in the house as much as possible with a couple of fun things scattered throughout the two days. This meant I had plenty of time to capture my Home Life Project pictures on Saturday.

I literally picked up my camera the moment I woke up. Clara and I take turns having a lay in on the weekend so she had already got up with M, whilst I read up stairs. When I got downstairs I just had to capture the awesome train track M had set up, before I made myself some breakfast.

trains home life project

trains bridge home life project

shark home life project

Breakfast home life project

After breakfast M and I got to work on his school project. It’s a lovely little project for the whole family, based around fairy tales. We were asked to either create a model, put on a mini play or write an ingredients list for a fairy tale. We chose the Three Little Pigs and decided to make a model.

project home life

building home life project

pig home life project

finished home life project

Whilst we were building, Clara started prepping a chicken soup for the slow cooker. With me feeling under the weather for quite a while now she decided it would be a great pick me up.

slow cooker home life project

food prep home life project

In the afternoon M had a pool party to attend, so we decided to fill the hours in between our building and party time by heading to Kingston Lacy for some fresh air.

I thought this was the perfect opportunity to capture my reflection shot as prompted by Clare in her Creative challenge Home Life Project post. M was playing by the puddles and I tried getting low to capture this skeleton reflection below. It needs work, but I enjoyed trying something new.

reflection home life project

Home Life Photography Project

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  1. Lucy Reply

    Beautiful photos, I love love LOVE the one of M’s reflection in the puddle. And it looks like you all did an ace job of that school homework project. x

  2. Alice & Amelia Reply

    Really great photos, I love the puddle shot that’s great! Hope the chicken soup did it’s job and made you feel a little better 🙂

  3. Donna Wishart Reply

    So sorry you’re not feeling well – I hope you feel better soon. Chicken soup is most definitely a good pick me up! We love Thomas here and you can’t beat a bit of fresh air to make any day seem better x

  4. Clare Mansell Reply

    That sofa photo – The first thing I saw was M and then I looked again and there’s an enormous shark! Ha, ha! The reflection photo is clever because the last thing you expect to see is the skeleton in the puddle! Hope the chicken soup went down well, I’ve been rediscovering our slow cooker and we now use it (at least) every Friday night.

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