Feeling the Glow

Now I’m in my 2nd Trimester I’m feeling amazing, all the sickness seems to have gone & the dreaded pregnancy headaches are few & far between. I’m also enjoying feeling my little button move, even if I can’t feel a lot, these first few flutters are simply wonderful. My wife is enjoying watching me grow & regularly puts her head on my tummy to try & hear the baby’s heart beat, this is great bonding time for them both. Although, I do have to ask K to kiss my belly over my clothes as I have an extremely ticklish tummy but I’m trying my hardest to keep still haha.

We’re currently in the longest wait between scans & midwife appointments, now we’re over the risky part of the pregnancy the hospital/doctors visits are almost non existent, which is a great thing but because this is our first baby we’re always unsure that if what we’re experiencing is “Normal”. We’re keeping in touch with other mothers & they are helping a lot, we have one close friend who’s little one is about to celebrate her first birthday, so they help with our worries when we ask them & we’re very grateful.

It’s amazing how conversations change as the pregnancy progresses, in the 1st trimester, it was all about when to tell people & when the next appointment was or when do you think it will start to show. We’ve found that now we’re constantly talking about baby names & what we are looking froward to in the future, so I thought I’d share some of these with you.

When I first hold my little one & it looks up at me.
Seeing my wife hold the baby for the first time.
Our first family outing.
First time they meet their grandparents.
All the major steps, rolling over, crawling, walking, talking etc.
Running around the house as a family being silly.

Seeing my wife bring our little wonder into the world.
Cuddling my child in one arm and my wife in the other.
Singing silly songs to my baby and eventually teaching them to them.
Hearing their first words.
Comforting my child when they are sad.
Answering questions they ask, no matter how silly.
Starting our family.

I could just keep going & going but we’ll save all of that for future blogs 😉

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