Fighting fat

As mentioned in a previous post (Making a change for the better) this year is the year of small changes and fighting fat, towards a fitter future. But anyone who’s been on a lifestyle change knows, it can be a lonely process and at times you can get demotivated. The lovely Angeline from and Carley from came up with the great idea of a fitness link up as they were working on improving their fitness and general health as well. I thought it was a great idea to help motivate each other and keep an honest report of my struggles and achievements along the way.


Fighting Fat -

This week has been all about making the effort. So many times during the day, a small voice inside my head tries to make excuses not to do something or to eat something I shouldn’t. So this week I’ve been concentrating on making an effort to do things that will help me improve my health and fitness.

If you follow us on twitter (@mytwomums) you will have probably seen me tweet about my love of my Fitbit. It’s a small device you wear which counts the steps you take. I had been managing approximately 6000 steps a day over the last few months, so I decided if I was going to push myself then I had to achieve more. So every day this week I’ve been trying to walk between 9000 to 10000 steps. I’m really proud of myself for hitting my target almost every day. I love walking and hope to push my goal each month. One of the ways I’ve increased my walking, is by using my lunch hour to walk round the park with Monkey and C. I really think exercising as a family makes you feel better about exercising.

This week I’ve also been watching what I eat and making sure I try and eat more vegetables and less wheat products as these tend to leave me feeling bloated. I need to find some good healthy budget recipes and I started to get bored by the end of the week.

Fighting fat -

I was happy to find some time to finally get my weights out a couple of times this week. I used to have a strict regime for using my weights, but when M came along I told myself I was either too tired to use them or didn’t have the time. I think I managed to convince myself this was the case, until this week I set them up and made time to use them and I felt great. I worked on a basic 3 sets of 12 reps on bicep curls, shoulder presses and lateral raises. If you google upper body workouts or check out Pinterest you will find some great free workouts.

The final addition of exercise to my week, has been the reintroduction of one of my favourite apps, Zombies, Run. It’s a great app that immerses you in an apocalyptic world where zombies chase you. You select a mission, pop in your headphones and start walking/jogging/running. As the story unfolds you get chased by zombies, the app uses your gps signal to measure how fast you are travelling, so to evade the zombies you have to speed up. Which is why, if you happened to be walking through my local park yesterday and saw a crazy person dressed in work clothes suddenly burst into a mad sprint. I was being chased by zombies and for the first time in several months, I evaded them.

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    • Mytwomums Reply

      It’s a great app. I’m not a runner yet, but it encourages me 🙂

  1. Angeline Reply

    I know what you mean about wheat.
    I love bread but have thought about giving it up or eating less as it really makes me bloated too. Good on you for using the weights, they really do make a difference especially when doing with lunges and squats. As for recipes, I can certainly show you some
    That are quick and easy? Well done for a fantastic post and you’ll do great to a achieve your goal:)

    • Mytwomums Reply

      I’m working on a basic weights routine that I hope to post up soon. I think a lot of people worry about using weights incase they bulk up, but I’ve always used weights to tone etc.

  2. Carley Reply

    I am glad you didn’t get caught by zombies! I’ve been thinking about going out and running again but I actually am a little bit wary about running in the evening on my own… It sounds like you’re working really hard though, I think setting targets is such a good idea! Cx

    • Mytwomums Reply

      With the lighter evenings I’m hoping to get out more. I can understand not wanting to go alone, can you check local clubs for running groups etc?

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