Finding Nemo at Blue Reef Aquarium – Newquay

When we visited Legoland last month, M was really interested in the fish during the Atlantis ride. He gasped and giggled as they swam towards the submarine we were travelling in.

During our stay at Trevella Park in Cornwall, we thought it would be a great idea to take him to see even more fish at the Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay, just 15 minutes from the holiday park.
Finding Nemo at Blue Reef Aquarium - Newquay

The aquarium is located right on the sea front at the bottom of some very steep stone steps. It wasn’t until we were leaving the aquarium that we noticed a road to the left of the beach that ran all the way back into town. We took this route on the way back to our car.

The aquarium is a bit of a tardis, from the outside it looks a bit like an old warehouse, but once you are inside it opens up to several different displays which house fish from different types of aquatic settings.

When we got M out of his buggy to look around he was quite overwhelmed, he was eye level with a big tank full of Sea Bass and he wouldn’t go near it for several minutes. After we let him take his own time, he started to approach it.

We moved on to the next big tank which housed two crocodiles, some turtles and lots of other small fish. Again M wasn’t too keen, so we decided to take a back seat. After a while he stepped closer to the tank and started chattering at it. Then once he had gained some confidence he began talking to the fish.

Finding Nemo at Blue Reef Aquarium - Newquay

Usually when I am at some form of exhibit I love to read the information boards. But I found myself absorbed in watching M interact with the fish. He giggled as they approached the side of the tank and poked the glass when he thought they were close enough to touch. His favorite zone was definitely the zone which housed the crocodile tank, even though he couldn’t quite see the crocodiles, he loved watching the other fish swim towards him.

Finding Nemo at Blue Reef Aquarium - Newquay

One of my favorite tanks was the jellyfish tank, there was something hypnotic about watching them bounce up and down, kind of like the scene in Finding Nemo. Many of the tanks were too high for M to see from the ground so we ended up carrying him for a large percent of our visit. We have no issue with extra Monkey cuddles, but M is an independent little man and loves to walk as much as he can.

The aquarium was a little on the small side in terms of tanks. But there was still plenty to see and if M was older we would have had plenty of fun trying to spot different fish inside the tanks. Finding Nemo at Blue Reef Aquarium - Newquay

The highlight of the aquarium was the underwater tunnel, this is a short glass tunnel that takes you under one of the tanks. It was fun trying to spot sharks, rays, catfish and many more beautiful species. We spent ages doing Finding Nemo impressions each time we spotted a shark or a ray. I’m glad it was a weekday, as this meant we had the tunnel to ourselves.

Finding Nemo at Blue Reef Aquarium - Newquay


The end of the exhibit took us upstairs to look down into the tank we had just been underneath. It was very hard to spot anything from above and even more so for M, so we headed into the gift shop to grab a drink. Prices are high in the gift shop, to be honest they are in most gift shops. C bought a Pepsi Max which was more than double the price it would be in a newsagents. But there were plenty of fish related gifts if your little one wanted to spend their pocket money.

Our visit to the Blue Reef Aquarium. from Kirsty Taylor-Gallop on Vimeo.

We would take M back to the Blue Reef Aquarium if we were to visit Newquay again. He seemed to really enjoy it and if he could talk, I’m sure he would be chattering about the fish for a long while.

*we received entry free of charge as part of our visit to Trevella Park. All views and opinions are our own.


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  1. Lauren Reply

    Sounds like a great place to visit with children. I’m jealous at how good your photos are. I have never managed to get a good photo at an aquarium.
    Oh, and I want Monkeys tshirt!! xx

  2. Carie Reply

    When I took the girls to The Deep they were all about the jellyfish too – but then I could happily sit and watch them for ages. That and the coral – Elma was utterly transfixed by live coral. I’m glad your little M had such a lovely time.

  3. Hayley Reply

    Oh I LOVE the video and the excited hand waving! He’s so adorable.

    p.s. nice touch with the choice of shorts 😉

  4. lucy at dear beautiful Reply

    I’m glad you had a good time and that M enjoyed himself (once he got over his nerves!) My little guy has always loved the aquarium, and I think the little miss might be getting to an age to really enjoy it too.
    The little video is very cute too, love all his excited little mannerisms and seeing all the fish. I find watching fish so relaxing. x

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