Finding our calm

I’ve often written about beach trips and nights spent on the sand, due to how much time we spend at the beach. Clara and I have a great connection to the coast and are glad our little man has created his own link to the beach. We are certainly a family that find our calm there.

beach view

beach adventure

This weekend we had some friends visiting and decided to take them to our favourite beach, Sandbanks Poole. We’ve fallen in love with this beach since moving to Dorset and were happy to share it with our friends. Our little man seems to visibly relax once his toes touch the sand. Digging is the activity he loves most, before heading to the waves to dip his toes in the freezing waters.

beach sandman

beach spade

When we first tempted him to the waters edge many many months ago, he drew back in fear and was quite cautious. Over several visits he’s fallen in love with the sea as much as I love it. Clothes soon end up soaked, laughs are shared and many waves are jumped. I really love how much he seems to fall in flow with the water. Despite being a fire sign, I’ve always felt so close to water. Even though I didn’t learn to swim until I was 12, water has had a calming effect on me. Now my mini fire sign is a water baby too, he is fantastic in the water and is soon to start swimming lessons to strengthen his skills. I can’t wait to see him on a body board on the waves.

beach splash

beach boy

beach photo

beach mummy

beach grin

beach water

beach paddle

beach jump
When we visit the family places we love I always take stock of how blessed we are. We live somewhere where our family unit is recognised as exactly that. Both our names our on our sons birth certificate, both Clara and I can refer to each other as wife and our son can express he has two mummies without us having too many worries of a reaction. Though the world has many steps to take before LGBTQ equality exists, to be able to enjoy a family trip on the beach without abuse and violence is a feeling I am thankful for. It gives me hope for those who fear being who they are. I hope that maybe someone worried about their sexuality will see us, our little family unit and feel confident that one day when they start a family of their own, they too can enjoy a cuddle on the beach with their gorgeous family and inspire more change in views.

beach family


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  1. Goblin Child Reply

    Oh what beautiful pictures! They are so ‘real’ and you look so happy; I always smile when I read your blog. I too am so thankful to live here, where it is safe to be two women in love and two mums to our tinies. It’s a good life.

  2. Donna Wishart Reply

    You have such a solid family unit and you really do come across as at one with the beach. Beautiful post x

  3. Anca Reply

    Love your post, the pictures and the story is so beautiful. Is wonderful that you can feel acceptance for who you are.

  4. Dana Reply

    Thanks for sharing this piece of your lives with us on Blogging for LGBTQ Families Day!

  5. Innocent Charms Chats Reply

    I seriously have some tears for this post, this makes me so happy to see my friends so at peace – here is to the world seeing what is real and true xx

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