Finding The Perfect Coat

For the last few years I have worn the same winter coat. It was a total bargain I managed to pick up to tide me over during the cold spell we were having. It kept me warm when I learnt to snowboard, it protected me during the snow of 2012 and it’s kept me dry during many a geocache hunt. But I am not a huge fan of winter coats. I find them bulky, awkward fitting and as I am short but blessed in other areas, buying a coat for length always ends up with me having incredibly long sleeves. I seem to be on an endless finding the perfect coat mission.

But this year my winter coat is just not cutting it. I’ve gone off the colour and style, so have been busy searching Jacksons outdoor clothing to give me a few ideas for a coat to buy. I was hoping to find some inspiration before I hit the shops. I am awful to go with when coat shopping. I have to try on every design to make sure it fits over a hoodie or has enough pockets.

Finding the perfect coat

I am surprised C still agrees to go shopping with me, as I always go home empty handed. There is just something I find difficult when finding the perfect coat. I know it must exist, but I am yet to find it.

Next year we intend to be outside a lot as we train for challenges we are involved with. This has lead me to look at the Jack Wolfskin jackets as they are perfect for people outdoors in all weather. I used to work for Millets, so I understand how important it is to find a suitable coat to protect you from the elements. But practicing what I preach is always difficult as I always end up falling for a coat just out of my price range, which ends in me compromising quality for “oooo that looks nice”.

This year I think I am going to wait for the January sales and see if I can pick up a coat that ticks all the boxes. Something Waterproof, with lots of pockets, a good length, nice colour and the ability for me to layer clothes underneath. That’s not too much to ask is it?


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