The first day of school

I feel like we’d been preparing for the first day of school for the last year. I remember writing about how we had one year to go and feel ever since we’ve been on a uphill stroll towards the first day of school.

It really does only seem like yesterday we were bringing M home from hospital and getting used to being parents to a new born little boy. Now as I write this M has just completed his first week of half days at his new primary school and we prepare for a second before he starts full days.

The first day of school went well, for all of us. We rose early, got M into his uniform without much protest and we were out in the garden 30 minutes later posing for about a thousand photos. M was pretty pleased to be the center of attention and stood smiling as we snapped away.

big smiles first day

First Day at school

I felt so proud when we stood in line among his peers. He grew excited as time passed and was bouncing around by the time the gates opened. Both C and I had the opportunity to walk him into class and got him settled on the reading rug with a book. We both kissed him goodbye, waved and realised he wasn’t too bothered about us leaving. As we strolled to the car we expressed how comfortable he seemed in the classroom and were quite pleased there hadn’t been any tears, from any of us. Although I’d had a few tears the night before as I sat next to him sleeping.

First day at school smiles

first day smiles

One of his first biggest adventures has begun. Knowledge we are unable to teach him is now the greatest gift he is going to receive for the next 12 years and the changes we will see are currently unimaginable. I am nervous about the challenges that lay before him, both related to getting along, making friends and also how he deals with any issues that come with having two mums. But I am also excited to see what interesting facts he will start to quote, or pictures he will bring home.

mama first day

mummy on first day

I know that the novelty of ironing small uniform items will fade and I will grow tired of endlessly polishing scuffed shoes, but right now I am quite pleased to be the Mama of a child just starting their school adventure. Yes I have fears, my own fears, ones I do not want to push onto him, so I am making sure M knows I am there every step of the way.

smiles for the first day

He really does make me so super proud.

family first day

How did your little one’s first day at school go?

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  1. tamarsb Reply

    How sweet does he look in his uniform!! I hope he has a grand first year at school!!

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