A first to find, over a thousand miles away

If you’ve not read our blog in a while, you may not be aware that M and I now share our geocaching adventures on the 25th of every month. You may notice that this is being published on the 27th and not the 25th. This is because we were actually attending a local geocaching event on the 25th, so I delayed this post so that we could write about it.
But first I wanted to share an exciting geocaching milestone for us both. You may have seen that we recently got to go on a holiday of a lifetime to Vail, Colorado. Before we left I decided to see if there were any geocaches near our hotel. I was very happy to discover there were two traditional caches and one virtual, less than a mile from our hotel.

We grabbed one of the caches on Sunday evening whilst the town was full of muggles (non geocachers). We waited until the GoPro Mountain Games had cleared away on the Monday and took a stroll to locate the other two caches. The village is such a beautiful place to be, surrounded by gorgeous pockets of woodland and surging rivers, I was really curious where we would end up.

We ended up next to a fast flowing river banked by one steep riverbank and one relatively flat bank. Guess which side the co-ordinates said the cache was? We walked up and down the side of the steep bank before I decided it was far too unsafe for any of us to investigate. Then Clara said we should try the other side, perhaps the GPS co-ordinates were wrong.

First to find geocaching

So we located a safe path down to the edge of the bank and whilst Clara held on to M tightly, I began to search beneath the trees. It took about 2 minutes to locate the cache well camouflaged, underneath a pine tree. We were over the moon, not only had we found a geocache approximately 5000 miles from our home town, we were also the first to find it since it was published.

A FTF (first to find) can be quite sought after, which many geocachers racing out to discover local caches as soon as they are published. In 6 years of geocaching, this my second FTF. I am quite happy for my second first to find to be an international cache.

Geocaching moose

The geocache we discovered was quite large and well stocked with swaps. M took a little puzzle and we left some of our American coins. After placing the cache back safely M expressed his joy at having a puzzle to play with on the plane. I am already thinking about more geocaches we could find across the world. I would love to find a cache in Australia or New Zealand one day, perhaps when M is a little older and happier to travel that far.


To round off this month nicely, we noticed a local geocaching event taking place in a nearby village. A geocaching event is a great place to meet like minded people, discuss difficult caches and swap TBs (Travel Bugs). Both my parents are geocachers so decided to come along with my grandparents.

geocache event

geo tee

It was a lovely little event where we enjoyed good company and great food. M’s favourite bit was getting to stroke a geo dog that comes with it’s own trackable code to log when you meet her. I hope to take M to a few more geoaching events this year as we quite enjoy them.


Have you been geocaching this month?

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  1. Donna Wishart Reply

    I love that you have this hobby with M. It’s so lovely to share something, the two of you, and I have always loved the thought of geocaching – I even have Geocaching for Dummies – but have just never got around to it x

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