Our First Vlog – Q & A

A few months ago we asked our twitter followers, what they wanted to know about us. We felt it would make a great first vlog. Without wishing to blow our own trumpets, we felt that answering those questions made for a great vlog. You can check out the vlog below. Make sure you subscribe too, as we are hoping to film a part 2.


Now that you’ve heard our answers, we want to know more about you! Answer the questions below in a blog post and leave a link to us in the comments so we can learn more about you too.
If you are in a relationship – How did you Meet?
What is you favourite memory?
If you are in a relationship – Was it love at first sight?
What is your favourite time of day?
What bit of advice would you give your 16 year old self?
What is your favourite photo and why?
What has been your favourite holiday?
We look forward to finding out more about you all.

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  1. mummydaddyme Reply

    Ps You are both very cute, the way you keep smiling and laughing at each other.

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