First Year Of  Our Favourite Baby Products

During Monkey’s first year we discovered lots of products and brands that we fell in love with. The first year really is one big trial and error, products you thought you’d love before your little bundle arrives may not be products you end up using. So we thought we’d share our first year of our favourite baby products.

Poco Nido

This adorable little company make the cutest soft shoes, wellies, t shirts and rompers. M was lucky enough to be gifted a pair of Mini Shoes and we loved them. Each and every item is lovingly designed and adds to your little one’s cute factor. The mini shoes make a great gift for a little one not yet walking or even as slippers for those already on their toes. I was quite sad when M outgrew his.


This is an ingenious product designed to help parents with back problems or Mum’s who have had C sections. Even if you haven’t had a C-section, this blanket comes in handy. You can read our review here. We have met the guys who invented this blanket and they are such lovely gentlemen. It’s a blanket we will definitely use with our next baby as it make transferring your little sleeping one from car seat to cot, so much easier.

Rusks and Rebels

This funky children’s clothing company very kindly sent us a gorgeous t-shirt for Monkey to review. Ever since then we’ve fallen in love with their t-shirts and personalised clothing. If you’re looking for something unique for your little one, then you can’t go wrong here.


Ella’s Kitchen

Ever since the first month we started weaning Monkey we have used Ella’s Kitchen pouches. They offer a fantastic range of meals in different age bands without all the bad things process food can contain. Since M moved onto solid foods, he has also tried their cookies, cereals and porridge. We always pack a pouch or two when travelling as we like to keep familiar food for M as he can be a little fussy. We have no doubt that our next little one will be an Ella’s Kitchen fan too. We recently discovered the Ella’s Kitchen cook book, which we bought so we can attempt our own home cooked meals based on their tried and tested recipes.


We were very lucky to receive a Stokke Tripp Trapp once M was sitting up and eating well. We have always admired the full Stokke range and have most of their items on our wish list for our next baby. The Tripp Trapp is a huge must for our next little one. There is just something so unique about their designs that makes us want to sell most products we bought before M arrived to save for products from a brand you can truly trust.




Next has to be our all time favourite store for baby/toddler clothes. You can choose from adorable cute rompers/sleepsuits/vests, whilst they are tiny and little and then once your little one is out of the small curled up stage, you can move in to my favourite section. I love the range of retro band/Goonies tees, lightweight rain coats and funky shoes. We could spend a fortune in there and usually do. If anyone ever asks where we want vouchers for M, we always say Next as we know their clothes fit well, last through many washes and can be packed away to use for the next baby. If you follow our instagram account you will have probably seen M in most of his Next clothes.


The Gro Company

During the first few months of M’s life, we were anxious about the temperature of our bedroom. The Gro Egg helped prevent are anxiety raising even more. We also fell in love with their gro bags. These Gro bags are great and easy to use. No need for blankets and the worry that can come with them. You just pop your little one in the Gro bag most suited to the temperature and it keeps them cosy at night. We already have some thicker Gro Bags tucked away for when the weather turns as we saw them on sale and just couldn’t resist. Their designs are great too, no plain images for our little man!

As Monkey grows we are discovering more and more products and brands we love. We’d love to know which you love, why not leave us a comment below.

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  1. Katie @mummydaddyme Reply

    I am also a massive Next fan for the girls. I love all their stuff and how I can coordinate them in ‘matching but not matching’ outfits. This is a great post, and I am sure would be helpful to first time parent’s. x

  2. Hayley | Shutterflies Reply

    I’m another Next fan! I love the “Up to one month” size that they do – that is SUCH a handy size.

    I have different loves for each baby, baby #1, I’d say the Jumperoo saved my sanity! For #2 I really love our pushchair (Maclaren). It’s just so easy to fold & unfold.

    We use(d) cloth nappies and I LOVE the Itti Bitti D’lish ones that we got. They’re really slim, easy to use, dry really quick & look cute.

    If we have another, I’d love to get a proper co-sleeping cot and an isofix base for our carseat so I don’t get soaked fiddling about with seatbelts in the rain (first world problems, eh?)

  3. Petit Mom Reply

    Once Petit Girl is in her own room I’ll be putting her in Gro Bags. The small nursery gets warm easily but also in winter can be very cold too and their bags were much loved when our son was younger.

  4. Innocent Charms Chats Reply

    I have to agree with most of these, I had never heard of rusks so off to look there. Stokke well you know my views on them lol. Love the picture of Monkey reading his book xx

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