Fitbit One – Review

I’ve always been a big fan of gadgets, I find they can be quite motivating in certain areas of my life. As mentioned in my post “Making a change for the better” I’ve been using a Fitbit One to help me get fit and healthy.

I’d been talking to C about getting one since the first Fitbit was released. I talked endlessly about trying to find one on eBay or amazon as I found them to be a little out of my price range. Just over a month ago C surprised me by telling me she’d saved up and got me one for my birthday in March. A day later she gave it to me and I’ve had it on me every day since. I think it’s my favourite gadget next to my Xbox and iPhone.

At first glance you may think its just a glorified pedometer and at £80 you make expect it to do more than it can. But I’ve been so impressed with the motivation it’s provided me with and how it can get me up and moving on days I really don’t feel like moving, you can’t really put a price on that.

Fitbit One - Review -


This Fitbit One is a small smooth pebble like gadget that is available in two different colours and comes packaged with a charging cable, wrist strap for sleep tracking and mini cover with attached clasp. You can secure the Fitbit to either your waistband or your bra (if you wear one). I choose to attach it to the front of my bra and have had no issues with it falling off or not registering movements, I can’t comment on wearing it on your waistband as I haven’t tried this.

It’s charges incredibly quickly via the USB cable and lasts up to two weeks between charges. I would have liked a way for it to be charged via mains as I only have a netbook and sometimes it can be time consuming getting it out just to charge another device. The screen clearly displays the battery when charging but doesn’t show it when not plugged in, I thought this was odd as I wondered how I’d know if it was running low. You can check the battery level via the Fitbit dashboard online.

Setting up your Fitibit One is quite simple, I choose to download the Fitbit app on my iPhone as I knew I would only really have access to the dashboard on my phone. The Fitibit uses the iPhones Bluetooth technology to sync each time the app is opened. This then syncs to the online dashboard which offers more details and graphs which the app does not contain.

The Fitbit One tracks the amount of steps you take, floors you climb and can track how well you sleep. It displays all the amounts it tracks on the front of the Fitbit, which you can see when pressing the small button on the front of the device. You will also see a flower, which shrinks or grows to show how active or inactive you’ve been. It’s a very clear display and I’ve never had an issue reading it. Of course I try and refrain from checking it when out an about as I’d have to keep lifting it off my bra and I think this would draw unwanted attention.

Fitbit One - Review -


I noticed when I first wore it walking to work, by the time I got to work it said I’d climbed 5 floors yet I’d only actually climbed one flight of stairs. After exploring the community forums on the Fitbit site, I found out that it registers hills of certain heights as floors. I found this to be quite motivating as I live in quite a hilly area, it’s got me climbing a lot more than I use to just to earn more badges.

Which brings me to another motivator, when you reach certain achievements like a certain amount of steps or miles covered, you earn a badge. For me this is a bit like Xbox gamer points, which always gets me striving to work harder to get the next achievement. I’m always looking at how many more steps I need to reach the next badge.

The sleep tracker is a function that I feel is not to be taken too seriously, though I do love seeing how much I moved in the night. To track your sleep you simply place the Fitbit One in the supplied wristband and hold down the button in the front of the device until a timer starts flashing on the screen, it then tracks any time you move as though you’ve woken up. When you log on to your online dashboard you can view a graph of your nights sleep and see how when and for how long you were awake. I’ve had a few issues with the Fitbit at night, one night I leant on it in my sleep and stopped it tracking and another time it came off my wrist due to how much I move in my sleep. I find the wristband to be quite comfortable and has never prevented me from getting to sleep.

A great addition to owning the Fitbit is the community that comes with it. You can discover friends on the online Fitbit forums to add to your scoreboard so that you have competition or purely for motivation. I have found having people to compete against gets me moving more. None of my Fitbit “friends” are real world friends yet most of them take the time at some point to message or motivate me.

Several fitness apps allow you to sync your Fitibt within their app, which offer you extra dimensions to those apps. A favourite couple of favourites of mine I’ve synced have been My Fitness Pal and neufit. I’m sure as the Fitbit’s popularity grows in the UK, the more apps it will integrate with.

In conclusion I can honestly say the Fitbit One has helped me get more active each day and realise how inactive I am during certain parts of the day.

The lovely people at Fitbit have kindly sent me a Fitbit Zip to giveaway to one of you lucky readers. Just enter below to be in with a chance. Sadly this giveaway is only available to UK residents.

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  1. Rebecca U Reply

    I would love a FitBit to track how much exercise / moving I do. As a SAHM its sometimes hard to monitor how much I’m doing as it can totally vary day to day. I would like to lose some more weight too and think this would really help. I have also looked at reviews and they sound brilliant 🙂

  2. Carley Reply

    I’ve also been lusting after the Fitbit for a while now – Stacey and I started running back in November and I do love it, but I’d really like to know stuff like how far I’ve gone and how much better I’m getting at it! I love the gamification aspect of it too.

  3. Claire H Reply

    Wow, these look jut great. A bit of an improvement from the free pedometers you get with your cereal.

  4. Pippa Ainsworth Reply

    This sounds perfect for me. I run around all day after my two children but I’m never really sure how much actual activity I get. My OH thinks I sit around all day too so I’d be able to show him the evidence!

  5. Rachel Reply

    I’d love to win the Fitbit Zip as I’m struggling to get motivated and lose weight at the moment. This gadget looks great.

  6. mellissa williams Reply

    I want one as I want to lose weight for my hols 🙂 I go to zumba but think this will encourage me to walk more as well

  7. Aida Reply

    sounds great, have been thinking of getting a pedometer as I’m always pushing the pram up and down the hill but this seems to go beyond and above what I have been looking for. Fingers crossed!!!

  8. melanie stirling Reply

    I am a real couch potato and i really want to start getting fitter,I’d like to win one so i know how much more I am doing 🙂

  9. ToastingMarshmallows Reply

    I know I need to get fitter but lack motivation to do it on my own. I think this sounds great with set goals to reach and I can get a bit competetive so I think it would really help me 🙂

  10. Cheryl Reply

    Great competition! I would love on of these to help me shift these last few pounds of baby weight. Ugh, I just can’t seem to lose it! x

  11. kathleen hooper Reply

    I had a great pedometer until I my OH washed it and it stopped working. It really did motivate me to be active.This looks far better than the one I had. Now I need to get get moving to shift some weight for my nephews wedding later this year

  12. Mum Reinvented Reply

    I’m trying to shift a lot of weight and need something to help keep me motivated. I don’t walk anywhere near as much as I should do so I’d love to win the fitbit zip and try to challenge myself to walk that bit further every day

  13. Natalie Reply

    I’ve been changing the way I eat, but it’s time for me to focus on exercise too. I think the fitbit would be a great way to get motivated to start walking more.

  14. tamalyn roberts Reply

    i am a massive gadget fan and am trying to keep fit at the moment,am sure this is much more helpful that the free tesco pedometer i have at home lol

  15. Suzanne Cooke Reply

    This would help boost my exercise regime and hopefully make me stick to it.

  16. liveotherwise Reply

    I’d love this to know how effective my exercise is, but I’d also be interested to know how disturbed my sleep is with the breastfeeding.

  17. T.h.Ransom Reply

    I am trying to get back into shape and get my muscle tone back. This would help to keep me on track.

  18. Anabel Reply

    This would be amazing! This would give me the motivation to continue to workout more, and I love the fact that there are forums to help motivate you.

  19. Zoe Lester Reply

    I would love to win to help me shift my weight. I’m currently really struggling so would hope this would help me keep on track.

  20. Rea Reply

    I would love to win one of these as after 9 years I have just got engaged and need to loose 4stone for our wedding think this would give me a great start xxx

  21. Diana Reply

    Just received my fitbit from Amazon and it works great. I’m so excited that I am going to share my Amazon customer promo code with anyone who plans to by Fitbit One: – you won’t be disappointed.

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