Fitbug Air – A Step in the right direction – Review

I love to walk, there’s something about walking that helps me clear my mind of all the days negative moments. When we moved to Dorset, we were blessed with stunning views wherever we walked and we weren’t short of lovely parks to walk in. Those that know me will know I am a gadget fan. If there’s an app or a piece of tech to motivate me to do more each day, then I am drawn to it. So when I was offered the opportunity to put a Fitbug Air though it’s paces, I couldn’t refuse.

The Fitbug Air tracks your steps, records distance walked and takes note of your calories burned, it then lets you wirelessly link it to an app you download on your smart phone or tablet (you can buy a dongle for PC for £9.99 if you don’t have a smart phone or tablet). Your statistics are then displayed in one place as a graph, this allows you to see yesterdays activity and top it.

I found set up to be ever so slightly fiddly and couldn’t help comparing it to my Fitbit, which was a lot easier. Also I was disappointed that the Fitbug requires a battery (I received a spare too). I would have loved it to be USB chargeable as I am useless with items that require fiddly battery changes and they usually end up in a drawer if I forget to change it.

I loved the amount of data the Fitbug Air tracked, it’s nice to know steps, distance and calories as I use all this information to encourage myself to go further each day. I also liked the fact it was compatible with some of the other apps I use so it could draw down my information into those apps too. It was great being able to see days I was quite active and compare them to days I really should have done more.

At £49.99 I felt the Fitbug Air is perfect for someone who wants to keep track of their steps in a nice fun way. It’s cheaper than a Fitbit, but a bit on the big side for me. I found wherever I put it on my belt, I could feel it digging in me when I sat down. It would be great if it was a tad smaller and I was able to place it elsewhere.

As a lover of gadgets this little step counter ticks all the right boxes and with a few minor changes I could see it finding a permanent place in my fitness gadgets box.

*We recieved the Fitbug Air for the purpose of this review, all views an opinions are our own.


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